Charlie Chaplin .. As I began to love myself
Charlie Chaplin .. As I began to love myself

On a daily basis, I tend to get a great bunch of clients.  My clients tend to come to me because they are suffering some form of physical pain and I attract many clients that are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression.

That’s great because I do state I aim to help people suffering from pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

There are days when I have all female clients, days when I have all male clients and days where there is a mix.

A few weeks back, I had all female clients and all had come to me suffering from depression.

The last client of the day stated “there seems to be a lot of ladies suffering depression at the moment”.  I totally agree with her, and although the opposite appears to be the case, men are more prone to suffering from depression than women.  More women are signed off sick with stress related conditions, as opposed to men, but it is men to more prone to committing suicide than women.  (Recent statistics state that of suicides committed in the UK, 75% of them are men).

Also, at recent workshops, based on mental health awareness, coping with pressure and stress, recognising depression and other similar titles, there were all women in attendance.  Why is that?  Why are men not attending the workshops?  Why are men not seeking help?
It appears there are many reasons why men are not prone to not admitting to suffering from stress or depression, which is a shame when there is a lot of help available and many natural therapies which can help.  Why is that?  What are those reasons?  I would love to know and aim to understand the reasons.  I keep everything private and confidential.
To help all my clients, the sessions include diet advise, colour therapy, aromatherapy body massage and holistic facials, empowerment coaching and on-going mentoring sessions. (Mentoring does not always have to be work-focused).

So, I’ve had a thought ……… If I ran men-only workshops about the ‘taboo’ subjects, would they attend?  If the answer is yes, then I will arrange some.  Guys, please let me know.  And ladies, if you could ask the men you know, can you let me know what they say please?
If you would like to explore natural therapies as a way of helping you cope with pain, stress or depression, you only have to call for an informal chat, or book a 1-2-1 session with me, which can be done via my website if I’m not able to take your call.

I look forward to hearing from you  01889 808388 or 07803399594

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