Therapeutic Body Massage

Therapeutic Body Massage – Main Benefits

Massage can be used for a whole variety of concerns including: insomnia, muscular tension, stress, mental and physical relaxation, headaches and migraines, back and neck pain, work-related stress, mental health, arthritis, general aches and pains.

Regular massage will help muscles, skin, tissue and mental well-being, maintaining optimum physical and mental health once it has been initially restored.

Massage can benefit the circulatory system, the nervous system, the muscles and the skin.  It can encourage the healing effects of physical and psychological changes for improved well-being.

Each massage movement will produce a specific effect on the tissues and on the body.

There are contra-indications to massage which a qualified therapist will establish in a consultation.

Men and women of all ages, as well as some babies and children can benefit from massage.

Call me to discuss your concerns and see if massage can benefit you!

How does Therapeutic Massage work?

The pressure of massage assists in the flow of blood towards the heart and lymph nodes. By improving blood flow and increasing circulation, the body’s waste products are more easily removed and fresh nutrients more easily carried and absorbed to where they are needed.

What is therapeutic massage?

The word massage originates from the Arabic word ‘mass’ or ‘mash’ which means to press softly.  As an art form, it must be as old as man himself, because to rub or press an injured part of your body is an instinctive reaction to pain.  A qualified therapist will have qualifications in anatomy and physiology to apply massage correctly to any parts of the body.  Therapeutic Massage will include any combinations of massage manipulations including effleurage, petrissage, vibration, friction, rolling, slapping and pinching.  Massage is used to produce effects on the nervous, muscular and circulatory systems of the body.  A therapist will be able to feel the condition of the underlying tissue and adapt the treatment accordingly.  Manipulations are chosen for the effects they produce, which may be superficial, deep, stimulating or soothing.

As with all treatments, a full consultation will be completed prior to treatment, to ensure Massage is right for you.  I will then discuss a treatment plan with you, most suitable for your body, your problems and concerns.