Crystal Therapy

chakra crystal chart
Crystal therapy healing chart and chakras

Benefits of Crystal Therapy / Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is a very powerful but non-invasive treatment during which you will feel very calm and relaxed.

Many emotional and physical body imbalances can benefit from crystals.

Crystal Therapy works extremely well with Colour Therapy and Reiki. and  is sometimes referred to as Crystal Healing. This treatment has been around for thousands of years.

How does Crystal Therapy work?

Each crystal has it’s own properties, assisting in the rebalance of the body’s energy system (known as Chakra’s).

The crystal’s piezoelectric charge interacts with the magnetic/electrical field around the body.

Our bodies have 7 main chakras or energy centres and crystals can either be used to stimulate or reduce the relevant energy of the chakra, enhancing their correspondence with each other.

We will select specific crystals to meet your specific needs.

During the treatment, crystals are placed on or around your body, in line with the chakra energies which need the balancing or enhancing.

Some crystals are available to purchase, so your treatment can be continued.

As with all treatments, a full consultation will be completed prior to treatment, to ensure Crystal Therapy is right for you.

I will then discuss with you a treatment plan most suitable for your body, your problems and your concerns.