Receiving testimonials is a great way to show you how diverse I am in my range of therapies, treatments, workshops and courses, and how each session is tailored to your specific needs.

“Tracey is an amazing teacher with excellent knowledge.  She makes the course interesting and easy to learn” CICM SM, Sept 2023
“Tracey is a fantastic tutor and I’m gaining great knowledge!” CICM SM, Aug 2023.
“Thank you. Tracey our lecturer was great!” CICM SM, Aug 2023
“I am genuinely enjoying learning again.” CICM SM, Aug 2023.
“The teacher is absolutely amazing, makes the learning process very easy and fun! She applies different learning methods over the topics to ensure that everyone has a good understanding. Directed private study (Homework) is always based on the lessons and nothing outside or unexpected! Questions do not go unanswered and she is always happy to help! Tracey is very passionate about teaching and it shows! I hope to have her as my tutor on the remaining modules.” CICM SM, Aug 2023.
“Tracey Nixon, she is an amazing teacher, makes you understand everything, she have time for your questions. She is making you to have a great day. She is the best.” CICM SM, Aug 2023
I am looking forward to having the pleasure of having Tracey as my tutor once more. She is excellent, dynamic, and so knowledgeable.” SB, via email, July 2023.
“Thank you so much for all your expert tutoring, advice and patience. I am already looking forward to more of your classes.”  LD, via email, 13th May 2023.
“You really are an excellent teacher. I learned so much on the courses I did with you 🥰”  SC, via FB, March 2023
“You really are a wonderful lady and you’ve worked through some awful times but you never stop striving to help other people. You are an exceptional lady Tracey, well done.”  LC, via FB march 2023.
Since passing my CICM I have been promotion and now manage the business finance and  projects across the organisation and am currently managing a merger project of finances and system processes of 2 new diagnostic centres to the (name removed) Hospital network.  You inspired me to want to learn more and I am now studying for my Prince2 qualification.  Thank you for all of your help, support and confidence that you inspired in me you are genuinely an amazing person and teacher!!”  NB, via email March 2023
“Thank you very very much, all thanks to you!  Now I have the full time position at (company name removed) and it’s going very well! I love it!  Many thanks for all your classes and your amazing enthusiastic self✨.  My very best wishes to you Tracey 🍷😉”  CC, via email March 2023
“Thank you  …. for helping me with my back and my mental health.  The latest sessions of Reiki have been golden”.  LK, via post, February 2023.
“You’re a great teacher with a wicked sense of humour. I’ve enjoyed the last few months. 😊”  KM, via LinkedIn, January 2023.
“I’ve had Tracey take me through Reiki level 1 and 2 qualifications and really enjoyed both my courses. Both times were on a 1 to 1 basis so I was fully relaxed and able to ask questions as and when they came to me. Feedback could also very much be tailored to me which has been beneficial to my Reiki practice on myself and others. Felt like the sky is the limit with how much I could learn from Tracey and looking forward to doing more courses in the future.  Thanks Tracey x”  PJ via FB, January 2023.
“What an inspirational lady , truly the best listener I know and always has a sense of humour. Gives the best massages and the best advice.” Carol S, via FB, October 2022.
“Really enjoyed my day Tracey, thank you so much. Learned loads and really excited to see where this journey takes me x”  PJ via FB, October 2022.
“Thank you so much again for today. Enjoyed it so much and learnt such a lot.  I will definitely be putting the self healing techniques you taught me into action!”  Faye W, May 2022

“Thank you so much Tracey it was a fantastic day and so amazing to speak to someone with your knowledge and experience, I have learnt so much!  . … it was a truly unforgettable day for me.  Looking forward to next week.”  Faye W, May 2022

“Really happy with training, really enjoyed my day”  Lyndsey B, April 2022

“Brilliant experience today with Tracey, felt completely different to L2 & L1 – felt the energy strong.  Thank you!” Natalie S, July 2021

“an amazing tutor, she’s very patient, the courses are interactive and she’s correcting our homework with care and feedback”. OD, Feb 2021

“Thank you so much for your tutoring to get me through this. You’re the best.”  Kelly B, email, Sept 2020

“Thank you for all your help and inspiration x”  Karen G, email Sept 2020

“Thank you for all of your help and assistance – you have been great!”  Carly P, email September 2020

“Thankyou for all your help and getting me to that level of confidence to go for it.  It was a hard exam (for me) but made it!”  Emma G, email, Sept 2020

“With your amazing help the below was achieved!!!!! (high pass mark) 😃 – I am 1 happy bunny! Thank you sooo much”  Charlie G, email, September 2020

“Thank you so very much for your support and guidance.  I really wished you were teaching my final module!”  Nichola H, email September 2020

“Thank you so much for being such an amazing tutor. I will never forget how kind and supportive you have been!”  Kiri T, email September 2020

“But I did want to tell you thank you for all of the support up until the exam, I think by far the best tutor I have had  …  for general content and especially support.” Steven R, email July 2020

“Thank you for all your help over the past few months, you’re amazing!”  Aimee M, Email July 2020

” just thought I would say thank you as you did amazing with helping me out the last few months, putting in hours out of your own time to help me which I appreciate so much.”  Charlotte W, email July 2020

“Many thanks for all your help, couldn’t of taken the exam without you 😊 Hope I may have you has a tutor in the future.” Laura R, email July 2020

“I can really recommend this lovely lady who not only takes time to listen and give you lots of good advice but she also does amazing massages. I have regular treatments on areas where I have had a recurring problem but also works on areas where stress and tension are taking hold. Really worth talking to her for when this is all over.” Carol S, via facebook, April 2020

“I’ve studied two course with Tracey now and I will definitely return to complete more courses with her.   Tracey’s knowledge and experience teamed with her own personal background helps provide a very comprehensive course with a strong sense of how the theory can be best used in practice to achieve the best experience for both therapist and clients.  Tracey teaches with a great deal of support and you always feel really relaxed and confident in your course.  Thank you Tracey, I’m so pleased to have you help begin my journey :)” Amy V, February 2020

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course today”  AR, Reiki 1, February 2020

“when it came to the feedback session everyone said a resounding ‘yes’ to the question as to whether they thought the Therapy sessions had been good – some had told me it was ‘the best back massage they’d ever had’, ‘wonderful’ foot massage, and several said they’d really benefited or found it really nice and relaxing!  So you see how grateful we are to you – please pass on our thanks and our prayers for you all”  It’s always lovely to be appreciated” Rev CF, via email November 2019

“Thank you for the lovely relaxing training. I really enjoyed it.”  Maria (via facebook) November 2019

“Just some of the comments received in a card today:  “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the extra time you spent with me … I had no idea Reiki would start to bring it all out.  You are a brilliant listener, adviser and therapist, and you are, in my humble opinion, so perfect for the vocation and role of MHFA.   PS, I went out last night. It was the first time in months that I’d been, and no pain or discomfort in my back. When the usual question came “how’s your back? Is it still really bad?” I could say with a big smile ‘it’s really good thanks! I found a miracle worker in Great Haywood!” X x”  LK, September 2019

“Thank you – you were brilliant.  Hi Tracey, I just wanted to say thank you for treating Sarah before her exams. She seemed much calmer throughout, didn’t get ill, as she normally does AND has just heard that she achieved a 1st.  So a very big thank you from me. Whatever you did, it was magic and I will be forever grateful.  With love,  Gayle x”  GN, July 2019

“Thank you for helping me to feel so much better 🙂 my lower back has been fine the last few weeks, no pain or niggles at all!” CN, April 2019

“Tracey’s knowledge of the body, coupled with her healing magic hands, make for a winning combination when it comes to massage therapies. I can highly recommend her Bamboo Massage – it really works the muscles and tissues, loosening up all those knots we seem to inherit from our everyday lives. Thank you Tracey – you really are a star! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”  CT, via Facebook, January 2019

“Thank you so much for today. Your a Lovley teacher. And your hair looks amazing. Your the best teacher I could have. xxxx” CL, Reiki learner, January 2019

“Really enjoyed today. Very knowledgeable, friendly, open & professional” HB, November 2018 Ear Candling learner

“Tracey, I want to say the biggest thank you for being an incredible inspiration and inviting me to this group. Bear Kap wouldn’t be here today if it werent for you.  Thank you!!!” Ben K, November 2018

“Hi Tracey Thank you very much for allowing me to have an Inian head message and ear candleing while you where training.  You where excellent and so informative explaining different tweaks for different situations and people.  My head neck and shoulders feel sort of lighter with more mobility and I loved the ear candling. Thank you once again and I will certainly recommend you as a therapist and a trainer.”  NR, October 2018

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. Tracey was very knowledgeable and took me through the day at a good pace, stopping to answer my questions as I went.  I would highly recommend this training and this tutor.  Thank you” MR, October 2018 Indian Head Massage and Ear Candling learner.

“Lovely course, well presented, nice friendly, bubbly”  SR July 2018 Indian Head Massage course

“Just wanted to let you know Molly passed her driving test 😊  Thank you for all your support, help n therapies you’ve given Molly during her exams n her driving issues. It has really really helped her xx”  GC July 2018

“Wonderful reiki with crystals this morning…felt so much better after it, thank you Tracey x My daughter’s therapy was also well received…”mom I’m so glad I’ve seen Tracey today, I feel better already” and we’d not even got out of Great Haywood 😊x”  GC July 2018

(Indian Head Massage course) “Very enjoyable. Tracey put me at ease ready to do treatment” JW, May 2018

“I had a massage with Tracey yesterday and I feel fantastic!!! I carry all of my stress in my shoulder and neck area, and haven’t had a restful sleep for such a long time. Tracey was so easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the moment that I arrived. I nearly fell asleep during my massage…I felt so relaxed….and I haven’t felt like that for a loooooooong time! When I arrived home I needed to work, but made the conscious decision not to so that I could feel the wonderful benefit of Tracey’s work all evening……I had the best nights sleep, and woke up with a spring in my step. Thank you Tracey. I will definitely book in again very soon and would highly recommend a visit to Tracey x”  Amanda H (via FB) April 2018.  Amanda also added in a text “You are nothing short of a bl**dy miracle worker”

“Tracey has been amazing throughout this course! I struggled at the start but she brought me out on and made me more confident about my job and made me learn so much!” JF, April 2018

“loved the crystal healing training today with tracey, can’t wait to get started! will definitely be back for more workshops. thank you tracey xx” Natalie S (via FB) March 2018

“Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement throughout the course, you were an amazing teacher and every lesson was fun with you.”  Karen Y, March 2018

“Good balance of demonstration and practice. Instructions were very clear. Really enjoyable and I can’t wait to get started on ‘real’ people!” Jane L, Feb 2018

“A fantastically professional course with Tracey – very informative as well as excellent tutoring for the practical element.  Thank you” Isobel B, Indian Head Massage, Feb 2018

“Very patient, and lots of explanations.  Thank you.  You gave me lots of confidence”   Jill F, Indian Head Massage, Feb 2018

“Thanks for making a big difference on my back” Bill D, February 2018

“A MASSIVE thank you to Tracey Nixon at Plum Essence Therapies who sorted my back out last night after being in agony, it was a miracle (or maybe her expertise on the Dorn Method).” Emma E (via FB) December 2017

“Thankyou so much for today, Looking forward now to living my life through Reiki. All that you have learnt me has been life changing. Your an inspiration and a lovley person.xxxx”  Christine L, November 2017

“Tracey helped put me at ease and made the course fun to learn.  She also helped me understand things” Christine L, November 2017

“Thank you for healing me mentally and physically over the last 12 months” Kelly N, November 2017

“Thank you for fixing my back!” Bruce R, November 2017

“Thanx Tracey for chat n wonderful therapy today. You always make me feel calmer and relaxed” Gail C, November 2017

“Very relaxed atmosphere, great information, feel confident, thanks”  Jemma G, Colour Therapy course October 2017

“I had the most amazing time studying my Indian Head Massage course through Plum Essence. My tutor Tracey is totally amazing, she is professional and gave me the confidence, I need to succeed, by bringing out the best in me.  Thank you Tracey. X” Zorina M, via facebook September 2017

“Your knowledge and skill is amazing and I will definitely be back for more courses.” Rachel B, September 2017

“Tracey is very patient and thorough with her teaching.  This is my second course with her and I have enjoyed them both” Irene B, September 2017

“I have really enjoyed my training today. Tracey was very professional, thorough and helpful. Thank you” Irene B, August 2017 Ear Candling course

“I really did feel a benefit from our sessions. I had always written hypnotherapy off and I was really surprised at how effective it’s been for me.” SG, August 2017

“I’ve loved the training and understood.  Tracey is a wonderful teacher” Michelle D, Indian Head Massage, August 2017

“I’d never considered myself someone that would benefit from hypnotherapy or believed that it would work. I can honestly say that Tracey has completely changed my perspective. After a consultation and 3 hour long sessions with her I have seen massive results. She’s fantastic at what she does and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her service. Thanks again Tracey!”  Simon Green (via FB) August 2017

” I have highly recommend TRACE’s courses; a truly fab lady and delivers the courses to a high standard. You won’t be disappointed x” Helen Stokes (via FB) August 2017

“Thank you very much Tracey. Course was tailored to my specific needs and requirements. Thank you for instilling confidence.” Dawn D, Indian Head Massage course August 2017
“Tracey was very patient and helped me find techniques that I was able to do and would still allow me to complete a head massage.” Rebecca M, Indian Head Massage course August 2017

“Really enjoyed this course and look forward to my Reiki journey” Christine L, August 2017

“It was very informative and interesting and the session / tutoring given in a welcoming and professional way.  Thank you Tracey!” Isobel B, July 2017  

Colour Therapy feedback
Colour Therapy feedback

“Very thorough in relaxed atmosphere. Thank you” Diane R, July 2017

“Very much enjoyed the training!  Tracey was totally amazing.  Thank you.” Helen S, June 2017

“Great to see you again yesterday… and looking so well.  On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank you for coming to our meeting last night.  Your talk was pitched perfectly… not only interesting but very informative and I’m sure it has made us all think about our health and wellbeing.  Personally I know I have to improve my eating and drinking habits during the day. Also my posture as I am one of those instructors that twist to face my pupils, resulting in a bad back.”  Chris S, June 2017

“Thank you for the Intro to Meditation Course – really beneficial” Bruce R, May 2017

“Thank you for the lovely course on Saturday.  I really enjoyed it and found it very useful” GL, Crystal Therapy course May 2017

I enjoyed the course.  I was nervous on arrival but made to feel welcome straight away.  Thank you” Richard B, Ear Candling course April 2017

“Thorough training and manual.  Thanks” Charlotte C, Ear Candling course April 2017

“I would just like to say how good a teacher Tracey is. I am a very nervous person and she put me at ease. She explained the routine to me so that I would feel comfortable. She makes learning fun and has given me the confidence to carry on with my Aromatherapy case study’s. I look forward to further courses with Tracey.” Christine L, April 2017

“(Tracey is) friendly, warm, honest, open and practical” Marie H, Indian Head Massage course April 2017

“Excellent workshop – well delivered.  Tracey is very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the session” Karen V, Indian Head Massage course April 2017

“(Tracey) put all students at ease – very easy environment to work in and learn” Sharon G, Indian Head Massage course April 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Tracey is an excellent teacher” Christine L, Indian Head Massage course April 2017

“Thank you so much for a really rewarding and enjoyable day, we both learnt so much. You were an excellent teacher and your knowledge was extensive so thank you for sharing it with us.   Will definitely recommend you to people.”  Alison M, Massage for Connection workshop March 2017

“Tracey is approachable, friendly and really helpful.  Highly recommend her services to all men women and children.
Thank you for all your help and therapy treatments so far and look forward to many more in the future.” Naomi J, March 2017 via Facebook page

“Well Ms Nixon, you really are a miracle worker. First time in months I’ve had no pain in my ankle after my treatment with you yesterday. Yes I had to endure 20 minutes of excruciating pain twice (you said it was only 10 seconds but believe me it felt like 20 minutes 😀😀) but whatever you did has done the trick !! Thank you so much x” Gill F, February 2017 via Facebook page

“You have been an inspiration to me and a support to me as well.  I’m so pleased I met you.  Your true self has always shown itself, you cant totally hide that fabulous twinkle in your eyes”  Shirley W, February 2017

“Learned about how to structure my finances.  Learned from facilitator and others (discussion)” “I got more from this workshop than I thought I would. Things I had not considered before. Made me think about finances.” “This course should last several weeks”  Various comments from Managing Personal Finances workshop, February 2017

“Amazing at mending aching joints and muscles – brilliant massage therapist” Cheryl Turner, February 2017

“Great treatments once again” MN, February 2017

“Very informative, easy to approach, relaxed atmosphere”  Jemma G, Hands Free Massage course, February 2017

“What a fantastic night. Thank you xx
Really lovely and a surprising amount of laughs. Really liked the trainer, very infectious enthusiasm
It was great to not feel like the only person in the world who suffers and truly inspiring to see what can be done when you leave your job and have a complete life change ☺”   Various comments received via Facebook  -Stress and Anxiety workshop

“Very informative and engaging courses. Shirley and Tracey are truly inspirational and lovely. Thank you so much for your help on a better happy path x” Jo Lane, February 2017 (via Facebook)

“Thanks for the treatment, much appreciated and neck is loads better!” JA, January 2017

“Very helpful meeting with regard to business start up” Chris R, January 2017

“Nick felt soooo relaxed chilled after the massage you gave him yesterday. .said it was the best one he’d had and looks forward to booking another..and for me too! Yaay. .so thank you x”  Sue Roper (via Facebook page) January 2017

“Just wanted to say thank you. My head ache and sinuses have been and felt so much better today after my treatment last night.” Claire Perkin (via Facebook page) December 2016

“Thank you again Tracey for seeing me. After being in excruciating pain for a few days you have worked your magic again. You really do have healing hands. 👍 thank you and merry Christmas”  Kelly Nation (via Facebook page), December 2016

“Thanks for today Tracey, my back and leg are much easier tonight. :)” JW, November 2016

“Would like to recommend Tracey to anyone requiring a holistic therapist 🙂🙂 Been to see her today and tried a different therapy…it was amazing. (Dorn technique therapy) Tracey is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming and has helped me with various physical ailments, aches n pains and more importantly to me at times my emotional n mental well being 🙂🙂 Have also booked an appointment for my 15 year old (almost 16!!!) daughter after speaking with Tracey today about her ongoing back n neck discomfort. Thank you soooo much for looking after me and all the wonderful therapies I’ve received over the last 18 months….looking forward to many more even if it’s purely for relaxation n some “me” time xx”  Gail Cunningham (via Facebook page) November 2016

“Very informative, thank you.  I fully enjoyed it” Jenna E, after Ear Candling course, October 2016

“Thanks for the treatment, absolutely brilliant!” JA, October 2016

“Thanks for the treatment yesterday. It was much needed!” MN, October 2016

“Thank you for my fabulous treatment Tracey @plumessence I’m feeling wonderful” Esther M, October 2016

“I have had some treatments with Tracy, who has used The Dorn Method on me. I had a variety of symptoms and issues, but I can honestly say I am much improved since I started seeing her. I suffer from debilitating tiredness, and over the last few weeks, since I have seen her, realise that this has eased quite considerably – I no longer feel that I can’t function, and actually feel like I have some energy occasionally! I also suffered from quite severe period problems (despite the ‘best’ efforts of conventional medicine..) and literally overnight this has improved immeasurably, and I can honestly say this has been the best result ever! Additionally, she has completely cured my daughter of restless leg syndrome, which was causing her to be completely exhausted as she wasn’t able to sleep until very late at night. She is a different person, and feels so much better!” Sally W, September 2016

Tracey sure knows her stuff. I had a session with her the other day, just the one word, FABULOUS. Well, loads more but I know I’ll be back for more which is good enough of an endorsement if you ask me. Will be in touch to book a repeat performance.” Marie H, September 2016

“Because you are an amazing teacher, I got 81%.  I honestly believed I would get 45/49 at best or 51 if I was super lucky.  I have to say Tracey if it was largely due to your teaching, coaching and the structure of your class”. Sean L, August 2016

Tracey truly is a miracle worker. I went to see her yesterday and was in cronic pain with my back. I hobbled in bent over. She worked on the areas I had problems with using the Dorn method and I walked out a lot straighter. When my husband dropped me off for my appointment he said to Tracey I need you to perform a miracle and when he picked me up she told him she had. I can now attend a very important meeting today because of her treatment. I cannot thank Tracey enough. Thank you.” Kelly Nation, July 2016

“Look Tracey what our household now has! Here’s mine, husband has one and each of the three children do too. We started on Sunday and love our “Success Jars”.  Many thanks for the last few Thursday’s training sessions, you offer not only information but support, encouragement, fun and inspiration x” Natalie S, July 2016

“Thank you for the wonderful course you delivered last week.  Looking forward to the next one”  BK, July 2016

“I have had issues with my neck, shoulders, knees and lower back for around 3 years now. I have received other treatments for this however never had much relief with them. Since seeing Tracey and receiving my dorn treatment 11 weeks ago I have found the issues have been significantly improved and continue to get better with each treatment. This has meant I am able to spend more time playing with my children at home and I have found my working days more manageable. Thank you Tracey. You have managed to relieve my pain and discomfort when others failed. I would highly recommend this Tracey and this treatment to others.”  MN, July 2016

Hi Tracey, just a quite note to say thanks for the great sessions you have led over the last few weeks. You were talking to someone before I went today so didn’t get chance to say thanks.  You’re sessions although the topics have been quite serious, we have still managed to have fun which is one of you’re aims.  Hope to bump into you again in the future, thoroughly enjoyed the sessions you have delivered and I’ll keep “the picture” on my phone to remind me in the difficult times of the mindset I need to be in”  AH, June 2016

“Another great neck and back treatment.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in my movements and also nowhere near as much pain and aching.  Tasks such as bathing the kids and playing with the kids have been made much easier.  Also when sitting at my computer there is less pain at the top of my shoulders”.  MN, June 2016 – after 2 sessions of Dorn Therapy

Brilliant session. Very thought provoking” AH, June 2016 – signs of depression workshop

You were great. Thank you so much Tracey for delivering such an informative and interesting workshop” SW, June 2016 – signs of depression workshop

“Thank you so much for all your support, help and advice.  You have no idea how much is was appreciated” Sally, June 2016

I’m always happy to refer to great people like yourself because you are ace” JL May 2016

“Great treatment of my neck and back. I feel like a new man!” Mat N, May 2016

Dear Tracey.  Thank you very much for my Dorn Method treatment. Having had the treatment outside in the sunshine made it a little bit more special.   Having had lower back pain for a good month as well as aches and stiffness in my right shoulder and neck area I can honestly say the Dorn Method has made a fantastic improvement.  My lower back pain has disappeared since the alignment of my pelvis and leg length. My shoulder and neck aches and stiffness are much reduced and my shoulder mobility vastly improved. I have also slept much better since the treatment.  I love the fact it’s a gentle treatment with such great results and would highly recommend it to everyone.  Your personality, enthusiasm, care and knowledge makes the whole treatment a fabulous experience.  I will be back for another treatment soon.  Thanks again.  Diana”  Diana White, May 2016 – after one session of Dorn Method Therapy

“Huge thanks for your help with the copy of my new brochure” Norman R, May 2016

“Thanks for yesterday, already feeling the benefits.  I’ve been sat at my computer for the last 2 hours and nowhere near as uncomfortable as prior to the treatment.  There is still a slight niggle in my shoulder and neck, but nowhere near as much as previous.  I’ve even found a difference within my everyday life.  Even when doing simple tasks like putting my shoes on and driving.  My neck, shoulders and back seem more relaxed and less tight, making movements much easier”  MN, May 2016 – after one session of Dorn Method Therapy

“A great treatment on my back & neck” Mat N, May 2016

“I have received great reviews back from our session with you especially the treatments you gave. Most people were happy to discuss and identify what stress is and where it comes from and also to receive advice on how to deal with it using simple methods i.e. take a break, leave your e-mails.  The information sheets you left us with are very useful. The session, in my opinion, made a stronger bond to the team and I have seen improvements in communication between certain individuals. I know the hands on making items went down very well, so overall I would say it was a great success! I enjoyed listening to some parts myself and especially liked how you dealt with the activists of the group, great job thank you Tracey.” Paul Walters, Stafford Industrial Supplies, May 2016

 What a wonderfully uplifting meeting this morning, thank you to all who attended and thank you Tracey Nixon for sharing with us your incredibly moving and inspirational story as well as showing us how to empower ourselves using natural therapies” Alison Townsend, April 2016

“Thank you once again for coming in to speak to our students on Tuesday. The feedback I have received has been very positive and the students felt they now have some practical strategies they can try out when they are preparing for their examinations”.  Carrie Cain, Head of Sixth Form, Friary School, Lichfield, April 2016

Feeling wonderful and joyful is how I came away from my first visit to Tracey at Plum Essence. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in the right place. We had a chat but I wasn’t anxious. Tracey is very pleasant and welcoming. I had crystal chakra healing and reiki. Really brought me back to my centre, realigned my chakras, got rid of all that negative energy I had within me and reunited my with my inner child. Also cleared up a lingering injury in my shoulder. Through the affirmations made I can really say I have knocked down a number of walls built up within me, opened my heart and mind to my potential and freed my spirit once more. It all added up to a very joyous experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending any of Tracey’s services to anyone, and one I will be happy to experience again. Thank you.” Mike Way, April 2016

You have reawakened and enlightened my spirit Tracey. My inner child was with me throughout the session, I haven’t been able to connect for ages, and we have set loose negative energies and are eager to move forward as one again. I can’t tell you just how wonderful the guided chakra meditation was, as I could never describe the vivid colours and overwhelming sense of well being you helped me achieve. Thank you. Also for healing the bursitis in my shoulders. Truly amazing results. I feel revived and yes, an amazingly emotional experience, but one that left me feeling absolute joy. Bless you.” Mike Way, April 2016

Great treatment this afternoon by @plumessence. Feeling extremely relaxed and de-knotted!” Mat N, April 2016

I would just like to say thank you for my treatment on Tuesday. I had the best nights sleep afterwards and feel wonderful. I would recommend anyone who has pain or just in need of a little treat goes to see Tracey Nixon looking forward to my next appointment.” Kelly Nation, April 2016 

Very informative.  A great service / treatment.  I haven’t felt this pain-free for years” Mat N, April 2016

“I was very happy with the content of the course and the way it was delivered” Stacie W, March 2016

“Fantastic, excellent treatments. Very highly recommended to all” JA, March 2016

“Thank you for the shoulder repair” S Jones, March 2016

I highly recommend Tracey so if you can, grab an appointment and treat yourself to some ‘me time’ …. call it an early Mother’s Day treat” Harriet R, March 2016

“Excellent tuition, explained everything clearly.  Tracey was an excellent tutor, explained everything in detail – easily understood” Karen W, February 2016

“A testimonial for all your support and going the extra mile” TW, February 2016

“A marvellous, brilliant thank you for the back fix.  Huge thank you for a job well done” Mark B, February 2016

“18 months ago my self esteem was so low that I went on a belief changing course in an attempt to get myself out of the rutt I was in.  It worked!!!!!…. not long after I had completed the course I quit my job and started to work for myself from home.  I’ve had my wobbles since and still have some demons but I can use the programme to put myself back in check.  I have the lovely Tracey Nixon to thank for that!  Since then I’ve learned the science behind positive mindset and goal mapping.  So with the belief and the know how who can stop me??  The answer is nobody!!!” Gaynor Ward, February 2016

“Thanks for the treatment, excellent as usual” JA, February 2016

Hi Tracey, I just wanted to say … I support you wholeheartedly with your work. My hubby had tried to commit suicide (fortunately miscalculated something, not messy and so was sectioned for a while) some years before we met, whilst in the depths of depression. He acknowledges that it was a cry for help. I also know people whose sons have committed suicide, I don’t generally hear about the attempts, I think because people feel shame in some way. I can see that men are more at risk, it’s tricky subject but need to be much more out in the open.” SD, February 2016

Re: Your nomination for Networker of the Year, congratulations! I haven’t known you for long but you’ve introduced me to referral based networking which has helped link me with people I never thought I’d have made contact with. I appreciate your help greatly, thank you!” Benjamin Kalsi, Bear Kap, January 2016

“You have linked me successfully with a guy who valued my stamp collection, this came out quite naturally in a conversation that you knew someone.  Very good at listening and picking up information about people which sticks with you.  If you say you are going to do something eg. send text\email etc then you invariably do.  Strike me as a very determined person, who always has a great smile and is genuinely interested in her work and clients, I never feel that you are going through the motions.”  Neil S, January 2016

“I like how you treat all businesses, however big or small as equally worthy and welcome to your networking events – as though you understand that everyone works just as hard for what they achieve.  And the way you run WiRE, always wanting everyones input and ideas… How you always say “It’s your group” – I think that is worth a mention.  Most networking groups have their set ways and can not or will not change.  Good luck!” Karen Naylor, Fidd.ly Web Designs, January 2016

“Networking can be seen as a pink and fluffy environment.  But Tracey is crystal clear on what’s expected from networkers in terms of their contributions and their energy.  She’s adamant that it’s not all one way and that you learn by getting in and getting your hands dirty.  She’s got a strong edge for persistence too  and isn’t afraid to push boundaries alongside the encouragement and motivation.  It’s a style that suits me because it means that the environment that you’re part of, is strong on outcomes and delivery which is right up my street”  Carole Renshaw, Sincere Moments, January 2016

“Your knowledge and presentation of essential oils had the group delighted.  They still use the info”  Alison Taylor, January 2016

“A bit from me for how you’ve really helped me to meet up with useful contacts.  Tracey has an excellent portfolio of business contacts, which she has built over the last few years in her professional networking environment.  Having taken the time and effort to meet fellow networkers for one-to-one interviews, Tracey has gathered a wealth of knowledge about each person, their business and strengths, so that when either a client or colleague needs assistance in a particular area, she is able to direct them towards the most suitable contact.  Tracey is one of the most valued people I have had the pleasure of meeting and over the last 3 years of our acquaintance, has provided me with both invaluable information and people leading to huge business growth for myself.  This would be a truly deserved award for Tracey.”  Jayne Smith, That’s Ideal, January 2016

” Tracey connected me up with a book-keeper who has introduced me to 8 new businesses so far.  Connected me up with one of your friends.  I’m now preparing his end of year accounts.  Connected Tasnim (who had no connections in the region) with a number of people who have been useful to her over the last 2 years.  You create networking opportunities by running Stafford WiRE – lot’s of networking opportunities created there.  You should win the award because of your large network of connections and how you manage to bring them together for the benefit of all.” Paul Woodcock, PJW Accounting, January 2016

I first met Tracey in 2012 and she was a complete networking novice, and extremely nervous at the thought of networking.  Fast forward four years and Tracey is Networking Personified!  She is an active member of BforB Lichfield, being one of the Executive Team (Host), and also runs a very successful women’s networking group on a voluntary basis for WiRE – at times a thankless and time-consuming endeavour but one which Tracey grabs with both hands to ensure that every monthly meeting is successful and beneficial for the attendees.  Tracey can also be relied upon to “sub” for you, regardless of the whereabouts of the networking meeting, or the ungodly start time!  She is a natural “people connector”, consistently recommending fellow networkers to each other, and helping groups grow by inviting guests to attend.  Tracey works incredibly hard at her networking and I believe 100% that she is a thoroughly worthy winner of the Networker Of The Year Award!”  Cheryl Turner of Tao Business Solutions, January 2016

“Love Tracey and her treatmentsI’ve been seeing Tracey for twelve months, on average, having a treatment every couple of months. After an initial consultation, Tracey still takes the time to review how you’re feeling and adapts her techniques and oils each treatment to best fulfil your needs – be it tension, stress, severe back problems or the need for simple relaxation.  Tracey differs from other therapists, and most high profile spas, because she cares about her clients, has huge experience in complementary therapies and a vast knowledge of essential oils and natural therapeutic techniques.  You won’t go anywhere else after visiting Plum Essence. Thank you Tracey X” Anna Woolliscroft, Decemberr 2015

Fab evening Tracey lots of fun and really informative. Looking forward to putting it to good use!!!” Claire G, November 2015

Thanks Tracey for a fun and very informative evening on how to use our aromatherapy oils safely. Fascinating and so interesting. Who would have thought that smells could evoke such emotion ?  I think it’s safe to say that we have just scratched the surface with these products but feel much more confident about using them and recommending them.  Great training Tracey. Thanks so much for your informative and fun night. We learned loads !! X” Ruth Law, November 2015

I highly recommend Tracey Nixon’s knowledge on essential oils. I know a lot of forever living consultants so if you have a team that need knowledge on the products you are selling be sure to send Tracey a message for information on her workshops” Katy T, November 2015

“Thank you so much for helping (my boyfriend) today you really supported him in providing advice and comfort with his hips and back. Really appreciated!”  Chloe S, October 2015

“Can I please just say how awesome Tracey is.  She is pretty cool! You have really helped with my inconsiderate misbehaving disc, my naughty sciatica and my silly fibromyalgia! You are so good you can even help tragically wonky  people like me feel much better!” JD, October 2015

“Thank you for the session on aromatherapy you did at a workshop I took part in the weekend before last.  You were on-point, enthusiastic, passionate and, of course, highly knowledgeable. I took so much away from it. Forever grateful!” Rona M, Forever Living Business Owner, October 2015

“Dear Tracey. Thank you so much for your work today.  We really appreciate your thoughtfulness & sharing approach when working with our team. Just delighted with what we have learnt .  We so loved having you as a guest speaker Tracey. The depth of your knowledge and ideas was spellbinding. Feedback from the team has been so positive. We will highly recommend you and your courses. Thank you so much” Alison Taylor, Forever Living Business Owner, October 2015

“Good news – I passed!! I was a little disappointed with the result but it wasn’t unexpected as I completely messed up a question.  I’ve registered interest for the (next) course in January and rumour has it that there is a good chance that you could be the tutor?  Well I’m hoping that is the case anyway!  Thanks again for all of your help – my result would have been a lot lower than 76% without it!!” Neale D, MBNA employee, September 2015

Thanks for all your help with the course. Reflecting, it was an enjoyable experience (just not at the time of the exam) however you were a very good tutor!” Adam L, MBNA employee, September 2015

Thank you so much for all you did on Friday – it was an absolutely fantastic day!” Sarah C, Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, August 2015

“Initially, I was drawn to PlumEssence because I was specifically looking for a bamboo massage; I also like the way the therapeutic benefits were emphasised on the website.  The treatment sessions have given me the time to be myself and to spend time (and invest money) on a touch of luxury and therapy that is just for me.  Like many people I have found myself very drained at the expense of catering/adapting/meeting other people’s needs and treatments have given me respite from this.  Respite has been essential to allow what I really want to do/how I really want to live etc to begin to surface.  Touch is a very powerful tool and the essential oils have always accelerated this process, being well-chosen and just what I needed at the time.  My biggest benefit in the sessions is that they are always positive, supportive and the sense that someone is in my corner.  I receive reassurance from someone that I believe in that I already have the resources I need to move forward my life positively.  I receive strong role modelling.  I value the peace, deep relaxation and expert massage/aromatherapy from my sessions.  Without a doubt, Tracey is the best massage therapist I have ever visited.  She has the ability to locate deep seated knots and tension and the persistence to break these down expertly within treatments over time.  Tracey is guided by the consultation that precedes each treatment and is able to tailor techniques to focus on what I need most at the time – blissfully relaxing and therapeutic.   I would certainly recommend PlumEssence.  I would tell people that treatments are deeply relaxing, tailored very much to individual needs, restorative and therapeutic – that they will get much more than ‘just a massage’, stress and tension will be reduced and they will be rejuvenated.  Thank you Tracey.  ER, July 2015

“Thanks for treatment and advice.  Really helpful.  Feeling much better” Martin H, July 2015

“I chose Tracey for her location, knowledge, qualifications, her technical ability and personality. The biggest benefits have been helping with aches and pains and I value the pain relief and relaxation during sessions.  Tracey is different and unique because I like that I can combine various treatments.  I would definitely recommend Tracey.  She is an experienced therapist, approachable, down to earth with excellent treatments.  Hayley Johnson, July 2015

Highly recommend! If your a therapist look it to expand on your knowledge I can’t recommend her enough! Amazing training with full support!” Sophie Marks, July 2015

“Tracey was a lovely teacher. I found her very approachable.”  NPower employee, July 2015

“Tracey is very supportive and realistic- it became clear early on that her advice (do the homework/read the chapters) was spot on. It does take a lot of work and she makes sure you know that. Her method of teaching meant that it really did all come together at the end.”  MBNA employee, July 2015

“Tracey was great and I would have no problems recommending her to others”  MBNA employee, July 2015

“Tracey is an excellent, highly qualified therapist, she is encouraging and incredibly knowledgable whilst being down to earth and fun at the same time. I’ve had many treatments by various therapists and Tracey has kept me coming back on a regular and increasingly long term basis.   I had a very stressful job which caused great physicial and emotional fatigue, Tracey kept me going, helping to reduce pain/discomfort significantly. The combined therapies style in which Tracey works is fantastic, each treatment is tailored to requirements, with Tracey adapting dependant on her findings, she continually assesses and changes her approach if required.   This review is long overdue and I cannot praise Tracey highly enough, thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do” Hayley Johnson, July 2015

“Thank you for a wonderful bamboo massage yesterday. I am a new person this morning”.  Karen P, June 2015

Thank you for the magic pain killing oils. Wow, couldn’t believe how fast it worked!” Chris B, June 2015

“Huge thank you for my massage this afternoon Tracey. Shoulder feels like it is so much better. Loved the rosemary and marjoram oils, professional tips about the essential oils and to be honest just your skill and warmth. Magic.  Alison T, June 2015

“Hi Tracey, BRILLIANT – thank you so much not just for all the great work you do as a WiRE network Leader but most especially supporting women in business, it is so important and you deserve a massive pat on the back!” Fiona Davies, WiRE, June 2015

Thanks for my treatment  this afternoon. I have to say that my dog walk later was a lot less painful” Rob H, June 2015

“Thank you for your wise words.  Very helpful and thought provoking” JA, May 2015

“Fantastic treatment. Well recommended” Julien S, May 2015

“Tracey is easy to talk to. Huge experience. Articulate and confident. Very passionate about her practice and the ethics of it” Lisa M, May 2015

Thank you for my therapy earlier today, really enjoyed it & feel relaxed. Lovely to meet you, looking forward to the next session” Gail C, May 2015

“Thank you for an amazing crystal and colour therapy session, which I am continuing to benefit from” Julie A, April 2015

“Tracey. Many thanks for the help with the shoulder. Done wonders. Highly recommended” Charlie H, April 2015

Thankyou for a great course today, I thoroughly enjoyed it” Sarah P, April 2015

“I’ve known Tracey through a professional referral marketing organisation for a couple of years now and her positivity and knowledge of complementary therapy is endless. More recently, Tracey has treated both my mum and myself with complementary therapies. I have suffered with back problems over the past 12 months and Tracey’s expert natural therapies have been invaluable in helping me to relax and recover from muscle strain but also in lifting my spirits. I am a huge advocate of therapy and looking after yourself due to a previous occupation and Tracey is one of the best in the field. Highly recommended.” Anna W, March 2015

“I found our mentoring period extremely helpful both for my ‘sticky’ bits and generally as we worked through the Forecast and Budgets information.  I’m sure this is all going to be immensely useful for me going forward, both personally and for client work.  Looking forward to the next one already” Jayne S, March 2015

“Thank you for my wonderful massage.  I slept well and feel much better today. My neck is sorted too! You are a star!” Jayne S, March 2015

Thank you for today, loved my massage felt very dreamy at the post office hehe. Can’t wait for next week already! ” Hayley J, March  2015

A big thank you to Tracey for helping me believe in myself. My life is changing for the better every single day. I have gone from being a person with no self belief to a person who feels like she can achieve anything!   Thank you so much Tracey and I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon xxx”  Gaynor W, March 2015

“I’m not a fan of massage, but after a treatment from Tracey I was converted! She found more knots than I knew possible – Thank you – wonderful service and warm hands!!” Cheryl T, March 2015

“Fantastic treatment last week. Your treatment plan is really working.  I’ve never felt better!” Jonathan A, February 2015

“Wonderfully relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage from Tracey. She located and worked on several tension knots, using a combination of traditional massage coupled with bamboo for deep tissue work. I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough.” Cheryl T, February 2015

“Passionate, caring and very helpful, a few words that describe Tracey and her approach.    I managed to damage the ligaments in my right arm lifting a bike, making it impossible to lift a mug of tea! I consulted Tracey and explained what I had done and how I had managed to do this. Tracey expertly examined the damage and proposed a treatment plan that got my movement and strength back to normal.    I was impressed by Tracey’s skills and knowledge, skills she has learnt and puts to great practice. I would happily recommend Tracey to anyone with any aches, pains or muscle / ligament damage, a friendly approach and perfect treatment.    Thanks Tracey!” Osmond M, February 2015

“Tracey’s holistic approach helping her clients is to be admired. Her passion for wholesome, ethical approaches is very refreshing. Personally I have liked her bespoke ideas for gift pack/treatments for my wife and sister. Most recently I am impressed with her knowledge on healthy cleaning products.” Karl L, Feb 2015

Feeling amazing today, horrible blocked feeling and headache gone. Back very almost pain free after just one visit  very pleased” Hayley J, February 2015

“Just letting you know my arm, neck, hand and fingers are feeling much freer and the tingles have gone.  I got up feeling great yesterday and movement is also free.  Thanks for sorting it” Jayne S, January 2015

“Testimonial for two excellent workshops ran at our school.  The girls were inspired and the messages of the speech were extremely memorable” Rebecca Mason-Cowley, Head of Sixth Form, St. Dominic’s School for Girls, January 2015

“Just to say thank you for our session this morning. I feel a bit better and you were amazing” PJ, January 2015

“Thanks Tracey Nixon. I had a great day and learned so much. Very knowledgeable, explains everything well in detail above and beyond, very calm, tailors if required, just fab! A fantastic workshop and would highly recommend to others. Loved it!” Diana W, December 2014

“Very clear explanations. Well organised”  Maria D, December 2014

I have been on two courses with Tracy and I can recommend her 100% very friendly and very knowledgeable , had a great time and she helped me to feel very confident in my massage” Dawn Hickton, November 2014

As always you are amazing. Thank you for attending our first craft and pamper event on Saturday. You helped to create a great atmosphere. I’ve herd nothing but fabulous praise on the treatments given. Can’t wait for my next regular treatment with you too.” Claire Perkin of Little Fire Boutique, Weston November 2014

“(green cleaning workshop) is brilliant .. I thoroughly enjoyed it xx”  Dawn Wood, November 2014

Great workshop this morning with lovely Tracy Nixon. learnt a lot -will be stocking up on things I need to get going on green cleaning-I’m a convert for sure. Do get along to next one in Jan if you can -very worth while. Thanks Tracy Love and Reiki Namaste Ann x Ann Smith, November 2014

Brilliant workshop with the ‘Green Clean Queen’ Tracey Nixon today! Wholly recommend this…it could save lives! You wouldn’t believe what the commercial products are doing to us…going green IS the way forward and it comes with free health benefits, is environmently sound and much cheaper than buying ready made!” Jayne Smith, November 2014

“She has given some excellent talks to my Sixth Form girls about coping with examinations and uncertainty.  Tracey is an engaging speaker and her role as a teacher of accountancy alongside her therapist career means she has an excellent balanced approach to her delivery to pupils.” Rebecca Mason-Cowley, Head of Sixth Form, St. Dominic’s School for Girls, November 2014

Thank you so so much to Tracey Nixon for sorting my neck out.. You truly have amazing hands.. I can move!! Yeah!! Jo E, November 2014

the facial was great!!!” Sue, November 2014

I absolutely love having bamboo massage with you and feel amazing after! Can’t recommend it enough” JS, November 2014

“Fantastic! Absolutely amazing treatment. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks” Jonathan A, October 2014

“Tracey is a highly professional and personable therapist.  She delivers completely tailored sessions and really knows her stuff.  I highly recommend Tracey and her services” Tony B, October 2014

“What a good meeting it was, absolutely crackling with energy and interest in what you had to tell us.  I think you perfectly judged what really engages the ladies with issues of health and costs close to their hearts.  When a speaker has a deep knowledge of her subject and believes passionately in what she is delivering, shines through as it did with you, and caught us all up in the sense of what you were saying.  So thank you for preparing so thoroughly and speaking so eloquently ( and for sending the handout).” Penny E, October 2014

I really enjoyed the meeting too today and it was well worth driving across the county to get there after my morning class. Tracey’s talk was great and has made me want to try out some of her ideas. Lemons and bi-carb at the ready!” Catherine D, October 2014

Clearly Green Cleaning is a popular subject and you have so much knowledge and passion to share with your audience. Like everything else that you do, you approach it in such a professional manner. Looking forward to attending your Workshop. Go for it, they’ll be queuing up, it’s such a great subject and relevant to us all.” Maggie H, October 2014

It was fascinating talk and demo by Tracey. I’ll be concocting from now on. I already have several ingredients.”  Jane N, October 2014

I loved it. Tracey was fab. Xx” Mags O, October 2014

Tracey was excellent” Lesley P, October 2014

“her enthusiastic and motivating talk has encouraged all of us to think more optimistically. The key to our success” St. Dominic’s High School, October 2014

“Thank you & Testimonial for Tracey Nixon for doing a great pamper pack for two ladies recently. Very thoughtful and bespoke and smell luuurrvely! So impressed – ordered another one”  Karl L, October 2014

Catherine card“Dear Tracey.  A huge thank you for all your kindness, support and wonderful treatments over the last few years.  You have really helped me in coping with, what at times, has been a very stressful job.”  Catherine H, Sept 2014

“I had a really good day and Tracey was lovely .. A very good teacher!” Diane E, Sept 2014

“Excellent service. Really helping me” Gaynor W, Sept 2014

I must tell you that I felt immediate relief from my massage last night, noticed it straight away as I was sitting and driving home, it felt much more comfortable” Jayne S, Sept 2014

“Tracey as always coached me in a professional relaxed environment and I would recommend colleagues and friends. Thank you Tracey” Dawn H, September 2014 

“Thank you for your fantastic therapy!” Osmond M, August 2014

“Thanks for the help and advice regarding my daughter’s sleeping habits” Neil H, August 2014

After Stage 1 of the Belief Change Programme: “Just to say thanks for yesterday it gave me some clarity I’m looking forward to stage 2!” GW, July 2014 “Tracey Nixon provided me with a wonderfully relaxing aromatherapy massage recently. I am delighted to report that she is totally professional, really friendly, clearly knowledgeable and expert in her work and to top it all her service is incredibly good value! I highly recommend Tracey and suggest you make a booking with her at your earliest convenience!”  Tony Burgess, July 2014

“Wonderfully relaxing aromatherapy session this evening – Thank you Tracey Nixon – Highly recommend!  Delightfully chilled!” Tony B, July 2014

For Ear Candling course: Tracey is “very thorough and clear. Easy to understand and felt comfortable and able to answer any questions.  An excellent course with good practical experience obtained and everything explained fully”  Karen E, July 2014

For Aromatherapy Massage course: “I have really enjoyed my course and felt very comfortable with Tracey and feel very confident that through her tuition I will become a good aromatherapist” Dawn H, May 2014

“Well Tracey Nixon despite your attempts to cripple me yesterday I flew out of bed this morning and that’s the best my legs have felt for weeks. A miracle worker recommended to all” Gill F, April 2014

“5 star from me :)…. friendly, welcoming and fabulous 🙂 … Would hand on heart strongly recommend Tracy to friends/ family or anyone! Feeling much better even within a few weeks 🙂 … after over 2 yrs of suffering aches and pains. Lovely, genuine lady and fab at what she does.”  Laura Anne, April 2014 “Thanks so much for yesterday I feel better already! It made me realise how many issues I need to sort out.  I feel a lot more relaxed today, I’m looking forward to my next session.  Regards, Gaynor” April 2014

“Put simply, Tracey, thank you for working your magic. You truly have a gift and magic hands.”  Meg B, April 2014

“Dear Tracey. A little note to say thank you so much for all you did for me with your wonderful massages.  I really thought it helped and relaxed me so much and you are such a caring lady. … If ever I think I may need more treatment, I wont hesitate to get in touch with you again and would recommend you to anyone. You do a splendid job.” Jill C (aged 86) March 2014

“Dear Tracey,  On behalf of Colwich Primary School and the PTFA I would like to thank you for coming to our Ladies’ Night on Friday. We had a very successful evening of fundraising, and we hope that you found it enjoyable and beneficial for your business too. We were able to raise £701.20 which will be put towards buying laptop computers for the School. We really do value the support of the local community, so we were pleased you could join us! Thank you for your raffle prize too.   Kind regards,  Emma”  March 2014

“Thank you Tracey Nixon for a wonderful back, neck and shoulder massage, my muscles feel brilliant and relaxed :-)” Julianne Griffen, March 2014 “Tracey has the wonderful ability to very quickly get to the root of the problem. Whilst others are still struggling to identify aches and pains, Tracey is already treating them, relieving the stress, re-energising, and getting them back on their feet. I unreservedly recommend her.” Mike S, The Alternative Board, Stafford, March 2014

“Lovely to meet Tracey and hear her story and leave feeling inspired for the week ahead.” EP, March 2014

“I had a treatment from Tracey Nixon from Plum Essence Therapies – this is the best way to feel good on a Friday!!! Thank you Tracey, very recommended!” OM, March 2014 lee quinn testimonial feb 2014

“Location and personality, initially, were the key factors that made me choose to call you.  Working with someone to help me recover from the effects of a recent illness (Hepatitis E) has been the biggest benefit of my treatment sessions: easing the muscle and joint pains; clearing the ‘head fog’; releasing the tension caused by worry/anxiety as a consequence of the illness and the pressure for me to quickly return to work.  Working with you has been an excellent experience.  Being able to work with someone I trust has really helped (and with someone who knows what it’s like to have suffered a career-interrupting acute illness and then faced a relatively long road to recovery.  A road to recovery that so many people seem to think happens overnight).  It’s been great to see/feel the difference in my body and mind over the past few weeks/months.  I really value the flexibility of appointments, locality and targeted sessions as I get stronger.  And I still cannot believe the difference you made to my head/facial pain when I ended up on antibiotics for sinusitis over Christmas!  I have never really used aromatherapy oils before.  I was also slightly apprehensive, possibly even a little sceptical about this method at the outset.  However, I am now a real believer in it.  I think things are working well at the moment and I’m really aware of gradual improvements in my health, strength, energy levels and outlook. I would say that if anyone has not used aromatherapy oils before, then they should try working with some.  Thank you!  I really appreciate what you’ve done to help me”  “A traumatic viral illness left me unable to work for 4 months.  With the demands of two young children and a full-time career, I needed someone who could help restore me to full mobility, full strength and full health.  Tracey, I cannot thank you enough for getting me back on track and for keeping me there.  Highly recommended!”  Lee Quinn, February 2014 Meg Blakeman testimonial Feb 2014“Relaxation are the biggest benefit of my treatment sessions and my experience has been a sence of self.  I most value the quietness, healing, time to myself and the holistic approach you use in my sessions and treatment plan.  You are unique because every session begins with you asking how I’ve been and you taking notes, and choosing oils suitably.  Tracey has helped my body cope with crisis.  She is a true healer and has worked wonders with me.  A huge thank you.  Tracey works thoroughly on my history, presenting problem areas and preferences in a holistic and very healing way.  She had a massive impact upon my confidence through her healing”  Meg Blakeman, Feb 2014 GM testimonial Feb 2014

“I chose you as opposed to another therapist because of your knowledge, you were recommended and for your personality.  The biggest benefit of the treatment sessions is the ease my body feels afterward.  I receive comfort in you identifying areas to work on and I value your knowledge and understanding of what to do and how.  You are unique because of the mix of aroma oils and bamboo sticks.  I enjoy how relaxed I feel after my session.  The sessions are very professionally led and focus on your individual needs for that session.  I leave feeling like I could float on air”  GM, February 2014

“Fantastic session which did get rid of pain in back” JB, February 2014 Neil S testimonial Feb2014

“My biggest benefit of treatment sessions have been the removal of pain in neck and shoulders. I am very pleased with my experiences and value the soothing atmosphere, technique and Tracey’s knowledge.  I would recommend Tracey because she is very professional and knowledgeable. I have been impressed with Tracey from the offset with her great technique and knowledge.  I look forward to our sessions and always wish they could last longer”  Neil S, February 2014

“Well, I was one of the 1st timers, having the ear candling treatment inc the fabulous sinus massage! Thank you so much Tracey, you have great talent in what you do and it’s a gift to everyone you treat! Xx”  EP, February 2014

“I felt brilliant.  Much needed and great treatment. Thanks for the treatment the other day. It made a big impact and I felt much, much better.   Drank lots and genuinely saw a difference.   Made a big difference.  This could become regular.  At long last!  What have I been missing???”  JP, February 2014 “Lovely and therapeutic (in more ways than one) afternoon with you yesterday. Feeling fab.” JP, February 2014

“I chose Tracey, as opposed to another therapist because of her qualifications. The biggest benefits of the treatment sessions have been achieving total relaxation of body and mind.  I value the time out for me.  Tracey is unique because she does not just go through the motions, she seems to be interested!  Tracey’s aromatherapy massage helped me recover naturally from dual achilles tendonapthy and I have enjoyed a monthly treatment ever since for some 2 years” Kevin S, February 2014 JL testimonial Feb2014

“My sister arranged for me to see you and this was because you work with men as well as women and also you were near to where I live and do weekend appointments.  When I leave after having had a massage I feel like I want to feel all of the time, relaxed, happy and at ease.  It is also something that I really look forward to.  I was very apprehensive before my first visit and it has taken quite a few massages before I have not found it strange with someone I didn’t know touching me.  You always put me at ease and don’t make me feel rushed.  I enjoy choosing new oils as well and feel that you are happy for me to that even though I often end up with the same ones!  I also like it that I don’t have to talk during the massage as I would find that would ruin the deep relaxation I feel.  I also like the little personal touches such as the Christmas present of CD’s and gift voucher on my birthday.  It was quite unexpected and I can’t imagine many others doing that.  I would recommend you and would say that they should definitely give it a go even if they feel slightly uncomfortable at first  – that feeling of a ‘stranger’ touching you disappears and it will leave them totally relaxed and give them a sense of well being.  I felt frazzled and tense before my appointment but as soon as I stepped through the door it all began to melt away” JL, February 2014

“I chose you because I knew the quality of the treatment you offered.  The biggest benefit of my treatment sessions have been pain & stress relief – keeps me functioning.  I do not feel rushed and you give consideration of what oils I need and like.  I most value the excellent treatment and the ‘me’ time.  You are unique because you take the time to understand what I need.  I would definitely recommend you.” Catherine H testimonial Feb2014“Tracey delivers ‘individualised’ treatments based on getting to know her clients.  Other therapists have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, definitely not the case with Tracey. Thank you Tracey for keeping me going!!” Catherine H, February 2014

“The biggest benefit of my treatment sessions has been much less pain. I felt a lovely bond with you.  I look forward to my treatments and feeling relaxed.  I would recommend you as my treatments are successful”  Jill C, February 2014 Karin testimonial Jan2014

“The biggest benefit of my treatments are ease of stress and tension.  I value the opportunity to discuss treatments beforehand.  You are unique because you are friendly and I also feel that you know what you are talking about!  I always look forward to my visits to PlumEssence .  Tracey makes me feel relaxed and ‘at home’.  I have confidence in Tracey’s knowledge and skills which enhances the experience”.  Karin P, January 2014

“I decided to work with you because I hadn’t found another therapist that made a lasting impression.  I had been following what you’d been doing.  The biggest benefit of my treatment sessions has been the ease of pain and noticing a big difference.  I cannot fault our experience of working together.  I value the whole package.  My sessions are different and unique compared to other therapists because I don’t know another therapist that would dedicate so much time to understand my needs.  I would whole-heartedly recommend you.  You’re the best I know and I’ve been treated by various others in the past.  I trust you and what you do is the best for me.  You have played a part in helping my symptoms of fybromyalgia and joint hypomobility improve.  After loosing trust in other professions I have found someone and now I’m grateful to be treated by.  Claire Perkin, January 2014

“I decided to chose you over another therapist because of your service, knowledge and personality.  The biggest benefit of our sessions is that i feel relaxed and safe.  My experience has been a lovely journey with you.  You have been kind towards me and have always looked after men when doing my treatments.  Your treatments are just what I need, thank you!  I recommend you because I explain how you treat me before my treatment and I always tell them you are a very good and kind lady!  You have always got time for your clients!”  HB, January 2014

“Tracey sorted my sore neck!  I regularly refer Tracey to friends & colleagues for her excellent services” LU, January 2014

“Hi Tracey, I just wanted to say thank you for the gift voucher and the CDs.  I have already been listening to the first CD and it has one of my favourite tracks on it.  When my sister got me the gift voucher over a year ago I never thought I would go through with having a massage and I certainly didn’t think I’d carry on with it.  I was worrying at the start how I would say that I wasn’t going to come again!  Now I couldn’t imagine not having a massage every few weeks.  See you on Saturday” JL, January 2014

“I highly recommend Tracey and her healing hands!” HR, January 2014

“She’s marvellous” GF, January 2014

“I just had my Christmas wind-down ‘beating’ from Tracey Nixon and boy has it worked! It’s fair to say I still need more work, but so much of the tension from the stress of the past five or six months has been rolled away with those bamboo sticks. It’s the best Christmas present I could ever have given myself! Thank you” GM, Dec 2013

“Work this morning then massage with the miracle worker Tracey Nixon this afternoon. That will put me right” GF, Dec 2013

“Tracey, despite a slow start, this has now been my first pain free (and paracetamol free) day since last Saturday!  You’ve really made a massive difference to me today and I’m very grateful.  Thank you!!”  LQ, Dec 2013

“My immediate benefits (of my back, neck & shoulder massage) have been that my neck feels normal, ish! For me, that no knot feeling in my neck has gone.  HUGE thank you xx  I know I have to have more but so far so good” LB, Dec 2013

“Had a fabulous aromatherapy facial and massage from Tracey at @plumessencetherapies, highly recommend to anyone in Staffordshire!” HJ, Nov 2013

“Thank you so much Tracey Nixon for today… Totally what the doctor ordered!! Ya have helped me put things in perspective!!!” JE, Sept 2013

“My neck is a bit more supple after yesterday, and was in no extra pain – so looking forward to my next session!” LU Sept 2013

“Thanks again Tracey, my neck is 85-90% improved. Hadn’t realised how debilitating that had been!”  ER, Sept 2013

“I have been able to swim for the first time in months, thanks to you xxx” SC, Sept 2013

Whole heartily recommend Tracey’s services. Have been a client for over a year now and pleased with all the regular treatments, care and attention that PlumEssence Therapies provides”.CP, Aug 2013

“Thank you again for Saturday. I slept incredibly well on Saturday night and felt like a new woman when I woke up. I am still feeling the benefits now.”   ER, July 2013

“With regard to your ‘How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations’ presentation today … You did a fantastic job Tracey – we all thoroughly enjoyed it!”   ML, February 2013

“Thank you for the most amazing treatment today, having bamboo massage is just fantastic… Need to book another one soon though to get finally rid of these knots :)) thank you again lovely lady xxx” EM, November 2012

“Thank you Tracey Nixon for the fabulous massage this morning, am definitely converted to the bamboo! Can’t wait for my next one, my back is feeling so much better!, you’re a very talented (and strong for your size!) lady :-)” SC, November 2012

“Thank you for today. Everyone loved it (once again). Highly recommended!” Oli Billson, Owner of Craoli, a Stafford-based company where on-site corporate massage is completed, Sept 2012

“Everyone enjoyed their massage at the company. Very well deserved. Look forward to the next time, it cannot come soon enough!” Oli Billson, Owner of Black Code, a Stafford-based company where on-site corporate massage is completed, August 2012

“Had a great deep bamboo massage. My whole body feels great. Thank you Tracey” CB, July 2012

“Thanks Tracey for the bamboo massage, it was really relaxing… Slept better last night too… Thanks…” RE, June 2012

“Bamboo back massage followed by a pure bliss scalp massage. I love having them. They are so relaxing and make you feel great. Looking forward to my next one.x ” CB, May 2012

“Thanks for the wonderful Head, Back Shoulder & Arm massage today!!! I’m really chilled out now!!! ;-))) x” DC, May 2012

“Thank you for an outstanding massage, absolutely fantastic.” IW, May 2012

“Thanks Tracey. You’ve brought my shoulders down from up near my ears – and you listened to me rant !! I feel loads better x” GF, April 2012

“Hey Tracey, Just wanted to thank you again for making my day. Your magic today was wonderful and I put complete trust in you with my condition”  IW, April 2012

“We are often so busy we forget we need healing & relaxing. I still feel amazing after my massage”. KR, March 2012.

“Thanks Tracey ….. . You are truly amazing and fabulous at what you do. I haven’t felt this good in a long time”. KR, March 2012

“Thank you for the treatment today it really does help.” KS, Oct 2011

“Tracey, thank so much for the most amazing massage today. You have a gift. can’t wait for my next one!” DL, Sept 2011

“It was brilliant ……….. after the vile day yesterday. Don’t know what I would have done without my wonderful Indian Head Massage. Thank you so much. xxxxxx” LB, July 2011.

“Wow! Ready for work tomorrow!”. CB, July 2011.

“A wonderful treatment. Tracey definitely knows how to de-stress you. Thank you.” CB, July 2011.