On Site / Seated Massage

Benefits of Seated Massage

On-site or Seated Massage is perfect for the work-place as it is completed whilst you remain fully clothed.

On-site / Seated Massage is usually a short treatment, of no more than 20 minutes, covering the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hand areas.

The treatment is usually quite an up-lifting treatment.

On-site / Seated Massage can also be used to complete a back and shoulder massage, where lying on a couch is either uncomfortable or inconvenient for you.

The massage can be enhanced by incorporating Aromatherapy.

On-site / Seated Massage is excellent at relieving back, neck and shoulder pain as well as relieving stress and tension.

As with all treatments, a full consultation will be completed prior to treatment, to ensure On-site / Seated Massage is right for you. I will then discuss with you a treatment plan most suitable for your body, your problems and your concerns.