Tracey of PlumEssence Therapies and Training is a qualified mentor

“Mentoring is a relationship which gives people the opportunity to share their professional skills and experience and to grow and develop in the process” (Office of Director of Equal Opportunities in Public Appointment (Lewes 2000))
Although the quotes below, taken from the SFEDI guidelines, relate to business mentoring, much can be applied to individuals and personal circumstances.

It’s often a lonely place to be when stepping out on your own for the first time or running an existing business day to day, that’s when a mentor can help.

A mentor is normally someone who has more entrepreneurial business experience and who acts as a trusted confidante over a flexible period of time.  It is a closer and more meaningful relationship than is seen in coaching.  A true mentoring relationship is a mutually beneficial experience where the mentor shares their personal knowledge and experiences and promotes a self-discovery approach.  A mentor can:

Provide an outside perspective on both the business owner and their business,

Listen confidentially, to the things that are worrying the business owner,

Help by sharing their own experience of both failures and successes,

Give friendly, unbiased support and guidance,

Provide honest and constructive feedback,

Be a sounding board for ideas,

Facilitate decision making by suggesting alternatives based on personal experience,

Provide contacts and networks to further personal and business development,

Inspire the business owner to realise their potential,

Provide on-going support and encouragement.

If you want to consider mentoring, Tracey is happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat, or a telephone / video consultation, with no charge.  Tracey feels building rapport and understanding your needs is paramount to having a successful working relationship.

Once the mentoring relationship commences, an agreed mentoring period of between 1 and 3 hours per month is agreed.

If you wish to enquire about my mentoring services, then please make contact by emailing Tracey on  or calling 01889 808388 or 07803 399594.

If you have to leave a message, I will always return your call.  Thank you.

Here’s a 7 minute video about self employment, which I thought was quite interesting:Making sense of self-employment video

Here’s a great blog from Xero about how successful entrepreneurs use a mentor.


Since passing my CICM I have been promotion and now manage the business finance and  projects across the organisation and am currently managing a merger project of finances and system processes of 2 new diagnostic centres to the (name removed) Hospital network.  You inspired me to want to learn more and I am now studying for my Prince2 qualification.  Thank you for all of your help, support and confidence that you inspired in me you are genuinely an amazing person and teacher!!”  NB, March 2023
“Thank you very very much, all thanks to you!  Now I have the full time position at (company name removed) and it’s going very well! I love it!  Many thanks for all your classes and your amazing enthusiastic self✨.  My very best wishes to you Tracey 🍷😉”  CC, March 2023

“Tracey, I want to say the biggest thank you for being an incredible inspiration and inviting me to this group.  Bear Kap wouldn’t be here today if it werent for you.  Thank you!!!” Ben K, November 2018

“Very helpful meeting with regard to business start up” Chris R, January 2017

“Huge thanks for your help with the copy of my new brochure” Norman R, May 2016

Hey, my spotlight went great and I got some great feedback. They seemed to love it. Thanks.”  NR, Business owner having to do a short presentation, May 2016

“Good news – I passed!! I was a little disappointed with the result but it wasn’t unexpected as I completely messed up a question.  I’ve registered interest for the (next) course in January and rumour has it that there is a good chance that you could be the tutor?  Well I’m hoping that is the case anyway!  Thanks again for all of your help – my result would have been a lot lower than 76% without it!!” Neale D, MBNA employee, September 2015

Thanks for all your help with the course. Reflecting it was an enjoyable experience (just not at the time of the exam) however you were a very good tutor!” Adam L, MBNA employee, September 2015

“Tracey was a lovely teacher. I found her very approachable.”  NPower employee, July 2015

“Tracey is very supportive and realistic- it became clear early on that her advice (do the homework/read the chapters) was spot on. It does take a lot of work and she makes sure you know that. Her method of teaching meant that it really did all come together at the end.”  MBNA employee, July 2015

“Tracey was great and I would have no problems recommending her to others”  MBNA employee, July 2015

"A huge THANK YOU for everything you do for WiRE, you are our eyes and ears and ambassador, without you WiRE is just the same as every other group purporting to help business - because of you WiRE is the best! But an even bigger THANK YOU on behalf of the countless women in business that you support and promote and improve skills and boost confidence and keep on track at every single one of your meetings; your contribution helps build bigger and better businesses."  Fiona Davies, WiRE, June 2015

“Hi Tracey, BRILLIANT – thank you so much not just for all the great work you do as a WiRE network Leader but most especially supporting women in business, it is so important and you deserve a massive pat on the back!” Fiona Davies, WiRE, June 2015

“I found our mentoring period extremely helpful both for my ‘sticky’ bits and generally as we worked through the Forecast and Budgets information.  I’m sure this is all going to be immensely useful for me going forward, both personally and for client work.  Looking forward to the next one already” Jayne S, March 2015

A big thank you to Tracey for helping me believe in myself. My life is changing for the better every single day. I have gone from being a person with no self belief to a person who feels like she can achieve anything!   Thank you so much Tracey and I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon xxx” Gaynor W, March 2015

“Tracey took over the joint leadership of the Staffordshire Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) network group earlier this year.
Since then, she’s brought energy, commitment and enthusiasm to our group of business ladies, whilst subtly guiding us all in an inclusive and engaged way. I imagine that her approach in her own business life would be just the same.
Tracey’s a pleasure to know and to work alongside and if you’ve not bumped into her in some form or other, do connect with her. She always gives lots of good advice about health and well being that affects us all.”  Carole Renshaw, Sincere Moments, November 2014