NLP Belief Change Personal Empowerment Coaching

NLP – Nuero Linguistic Programming.

Beliefs are powerful mental thoughts which can have a significant effect on how a person makes sense of the world, how they behave, how they feel and how they communicate.

Beliefs can affect how much a person taps into their own resourcefulness and, as a result, they can affect how successful they are at achieving their desired outcomes, dreams and goals.

Tracey of PlumEssence underwent the French-Burgess Belief Gates Personal Empowerment System, to great success.  She was so empowered by the programme, she became a Certified Belief Change Practitioner herself.  Becoming more intrigued by how we talk to ourselves and how those conversations can have an effect on our emotional and physical health, Tracey studied NLP at the same time as her hypnotherapy studies.

Are you getting in the way of achieving your your goals. dreams, aspirations and desires?  Are you procrastinating?  Do you know what you really want from life or even what your inner-most desires are?

If you want to know any of the above, then try the 6 step process to help you be aligned to what you want to do, why and how to do it.  NLP and The Belief Change process will help you thrive and be a success.

It will be your task to start on your personal development journey and it will be Tracey’s task to open your belief gates to enable the change to happen.

This is a very powerful process where Tracey helps you to:

Be clear about what you DO want to achieve and why,

Establish what is stopping you,

Start changing your thought processes to help you believe in what you can achieve and how,

Give you anchoring techniques to mentally step into your new you, in the blink of an eye.

The Belief Change process and Empowerment Coaching is based on NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) techniques.


“Since passing my CICM I have been promotion and now manage the business finance and  projects across the organisation and am currently managing a merger project of finances and system processes of 2 new diagnostic centres to the (name removed) Hospital network.  You inspired me to want to learn more and I am now studying for my Prince2 qualification.  Thank you for all of your help, support and confidence that you inspired in me you are genuinely an amazing person and teacher!!”  NB, March 2023

“18 months ago my self esteem was so low that I went on a belief changing course in an attempt to get myself out of the rut I was in.  It worked!!!!!…. not long after I had completed the course I quit my job and started to work for myself from home.  I’ve had my wobbles since and still have some demons but I can use the programme to put myself back in check.  I have the lovely Tracey Nixon to thank for that!  Since then I’ve learned the science behind positive mindset and goal mapping.  So with the belief and the know how who can stop me??  The answer is nobody!!!” Gaynor Ward, February 2016