Accredited Therapy Courses

Therapy courses taught by Tracey

    Accredited therapy courses and Mental Health Training, are taught by Tracey of PlumEssence Therapies and Training.  The therapy courses are accredited by ABT and CMA and are CPD approved.  These holistic therapy and complementary therapy courses are taught on a freelance basis for training academies.  The Mental Health Training are regulated qualifications of which more details can be found here.

All therapy courses, and mental health training, are taught in, or near, Great Haywood, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST18 0SJ.

All therapy classes are a maximum of 4 people, so there is maximum tutoring and 1-2-1 support, allowing you to be confident to give a full treatment by the end of the therapy course.  Many of the therapy courses have scheduled dates but I’m happy to accommodate a different date to suit you. To book the course, select the course link to go straight to the relevant academy website where you will find all the details you need about the therapy course and be able to pay the required booking fee.  For more details about the mental health training, please click here

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists. (Zen) 1 day course. Dates scheduled: Sunday 8th October, Monday 8th January 2024.

Aromatherapy Facial (Zen)  1 day course  Dates scheduled: Thursday 9th November, Friday 9th February 2024.

Aromatherapy Massage. (Zen) 2 & half days.   Dates arranged to suit you. (this is because some people want consecutive days while others may want them over a period of time). 

Bamboo Massage (Zen) 1 day course  Dates scheduled: Tuesday 17th October, Saturday 11th November, Sunday 21st January 2024, Sunday 11th February.

Colour Therapy Practitioner Diploma (Zen) 1 day course Next scheduled:  Monday 30th October, Monday 29th January 2024.

Crystal & Gemstone Healing  (Zen)  1 day course.  Next scheduled:  Monday 6th November, Saturday 10th February 2024.

Hands Free Massage (Zen) 1 day course.  Dates scheduled:  Monday 20th November, Tuesday 20th February 2024.

Holistic Facial Massage. (Zen) 1 day course  Next dates: Monday 13th November, Wednesday 14th February 2024.

Holistic Massage. (Zen) 1 day course  Scheduled for:  Thursday 2nd November, Sunday 3rd February 2024.

Hopi Ear Candling  (Zen) 1 day course Next dates:  Tuesday 28th November, Wednesday 28th February 2024.

Indian Head Massage  (Zen) 1 day course Scheduled dates:  Monday 18th September, Thursday 19th October, Sunday 5th November, Monday 18th December, Thursday 18th January 2024, Monday 5th February. 

On-Site Chair Massage.  (Zen) 1 day course Next scheduled:  Thursday 7th September, Thursday 7th December, Sunday 17th December.

Seated Bamboo Massage. (Zen)  1 day course.  Dates scheduled: Monday 2nd October, Wednesday 13th December, Thursday 4th January 2024.

Reiki (Usui) Level 1 (Zen) 1 day course. Dates scheduled:  Friday 3rd November, Sunday 4th February 2024.

Reiki (Usui) Level 2 (Zen) 1 day course.  Dates scheduled:  Dates to be arranged to suit you.

Reiki (Usui) Level 3 Masters (Zen) 1 day course.  2 – days Dates to be arranged to suit you

Swedish Massage Diploma.  (Zen) 3 day course Dates arranged to suit you. (this is because some people want consecutive days while others may want them over a period of time). 

Clicking on the link of the course title takes you through to the accrediting academy’s website with full  details about the therapy course, the study requirement, booking fee payments  and their privacy policies.

All courses are to be paid, in full, 14 days prior to the course commencing.

To request any more details about the courses, please click on the course title link or email .  Alternatively call on:

t: 01889 808388 or m: 07803 399594

Thank you!

All teaching is completed at my home treatment rooms in Great Haywood, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST18 0SJ

Learner comments:

“You’re a great teacher with a wicked sense of humour. I’ve enjoyed the last few months. 😊”  KM, via LinkedIn, January 2023.
“I’ve had Tracey take me through Reiki level 1 and 2 qualifications and really enjoyed both my courses. Both times were on a 1 to 1 basis so I was fully relaxed and able to ask questions as and when they came to me. Feedback could also very much be tailored to me which has been beneficial to my Reiki practice on myself and others. Felt like the sky is the limit with how much I could learn from Tracey and looking forward to doing more courses in the future.  Thanks Tracey x”  PJ via FB, January 2023.
“Really enjoyed my day Tracey, thank you so much. Learned loads and really excited to see where this journey takes me x”  PJ via FB, October 2022.
“Thank you so much again for today. Enjoyed it so much and learnt such a lot.  I will definitely be putting the self healing techniques you taught me into action!”  Faye W, May 2022

“Thank you so much Tracey it was a fantastic day and so amazing to speak to someone with your knowledge and experience, I have learnt so much!  . … it was a truly unforgettable day for me.  Looking forward to next week.”  Faye W, May 2022

“Really happy with training, really enjoyed my day”  Lyndsey B, April 2022

“Brilliant experience today with Tracey, felt completely different to L2 & L1 – felt the energy strong.  Thank you!” Natalie S, July 2021

“I’ve studied two course with Tracey now and I will definitely return to complete more courses with her.   Tracey’s knowledge and experience teamed with her own personal background helps provide a very comprehensive course with a strong sense of how the theory can be best used in practice to achieve the best experience for both therapist and clients.  Tracey teaches with a great deal of support and you always feel really relaxed and confident in your course.  Thank you Tracey, I’m so pleased to have you help begin my journey :)” Amy V, February 2020

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course today (Reiki 1) Alison R, February 2020

“Thank you for the lovely relaxing training. I really enjoyed it.”  Maria O, Holistic Facial Massage, November 2019

“Thankyou so much for today. Your a Lovley teacher. And your hair looks amazing. Your the best teacher I could have. xxxx” CL, Reiki learner, January 2019

“Really enjoyed today. Very knowledgeable, friendly, open & professional” HB, November 2018 Ear Candling learner

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. Tracey was very knowledgeable and took me through the day at a good pace, stopping to answer my questions as I went.  I would highly recommend this training and this tutor.  Thank you” MR, October 2018 Indian Head Massage and Ear Candling learner.

“Lovely course, well presented, nice friendly, bubbly”  SR July 2018 Indian Head Massage course

(Indian Head Massage course) “Very enjoyable. Tracey put me at ease ready to do treatment” JW, May 2018

“loved the crystal healing training today with tracey, can’t wait to get started! will definitely be back for more workshops. thank you tracey xx” Natalie S (via FB) March 2018

“Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement throughout the course, you were an amazing teacher and every lesson was fun with you.”  Karen Y, March 2018

“Good balance of demonstration and practice. Instructions were very clear. Really enjoyable and I can’t wait to get started on ‘real’ people!” Jane L, Feb 2018

“A fantastically professional course with Tracey – very informative as well as excellent tutoring for the practical element.  Thank you” Isobel B, Indian Head Massage, Feb 2018

“Very patient, and lots of explanations.  Thank you.  You gave me lots of confidence”   Jill F, Indian Head Massage, Feb 2018

“Thank you so much for today, Looking forward now to living my life through Reiki. All that you have learnt me has been life changing. Your an inspiration and a lovley person.xxxx”  Christine L, November 2017

“Tracey helped put me at ease and made the course fun to learn.  She also helped me understand things” Christine L,  Reiki Level 2, November 2017

“Very relaxed atmosphere, great information, feel confident, thanks”  Jemma G, Colour Therapy course October 2017

“I had the most amazing time studying my Indian Head Massage course through Plum Essence. My tutor Tracey is totally amazing, she is professional and gave me the confidence, I need to succeed, by bringing out the best in me.  Thank you Tracey. X” Zorina M, via facebook September 2017

“Your knowledge and skill is amazing and I will definitely be back for more courses.” Rachel B, September 2017

“Tracey is very patient and thorough with her teaching.  This is my second course with her and I have enjoyed them both” Irene B, September 2017 Holistic Facials course

“I have really enjoyed my training today. Tracey was very professional, thorough and helpful. Thank you” Irene B, August 2017 Ear Candling course

“I’ve loved the training and understood.  Tracey is a wonderful teacher” Michelle D, Indian Head Massage, August 2017

“I have highly recommend TRACE’s courses; a truly fab lady and delivers the courses to a high standard. You won’t be disappointed x” Helen Stokes (via FB) August 2017

“Thank you very much Tracey. Course was tailored to my specific needs and requirements. Thank you for instilling confidence.” Dawn D, Indian Head Massage course August 2017
“Tracey was very patient and helped me find techniques that I was able to do and would still allow me to complete a head massage.” Rebecca M, Indian Head Massage course August 2017

“Really enjoyed this course and look forward to my Reiki journey” Christine L, August 2017

“It was very informative and interesting and the session / tutoring given in a welcoming and professional way.  Thank you Tracey!” Isobel B, Colour Therapy course, July 2017 

“Very thorough in relaxed atmosphere. Thank you” Diane R, Colour Therapy course, July 2017

“Very much enjoyed the training!  Tracey was totally amazing.  Thank you.” Helen S,  Swedish Massage course June 2017

Ear Candling course, April 2017 “Thorough training and manual.  Thanks” Charlotte C.  I enjoyed the course.  I was nervous on arrival but made to feel welcome straight away.  Thank you” Richard B.

Indian Head Massage courses, April 2017 comments:  “I would just like to say how good a teacher Tracey is. I am a very nervous person and she put me at ease. She explained the routine to me so that I would feel comfortable. She makes learning fun and has given me the confidence to carry on with my Aromatherapy case study’s. I look forward to further courses with Tracey.” Christine L,    “(Tracey is) friendly, warm, honest, open and practical” Marie H,    “Excellent workshop – well delivered.  Tracey is very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the session” Karen V,    “(Tracey) put all students at ease – very easy environment to work in and learn” Sharon G,     “Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Tracey is an excellent teacher” Christine L, 

“Very informative, easy to approach, relaxed atmosphere”  Jemma G, Hands Free Massage course February 2017

“Very informative, thank you.  I fully enjoyed it” Jenna E, after Ear Candling course, October 2016

“Because you are an amazing teacher, I got 81%.  I honestly believed I would get 45/49 at best or 51 if I was super lucky.  I have to say Tracey if it was largely due to your teaching, coaching and the structure of your class”. Sean L, August 2016

“I was very happy with the content of the course and the way it was delivered” Stacie W, March 2016

“Excellent tuition, explained everything clearly.  Tracey was an excellent tutor, explained everything in detail – easily understood” Karen W, February 2016

Highly recommend! If your a therapist look it to expand on your knowledge I can’t recommend her enough! Amazing training with full support!” Sophie Marks, July 2015

“Tracey was a lovely teacher. I found her very approachable.”  NPower employee, July 2015

“Tracey is very supportive and realistic- it became clear early on that her advice (do the homework/read the chapters) was spot on. It does take a lot of work and she makes sure you know that. Her method of teaching meant that it really did all come together at the end.”  MBNA employee, July 2015

“Tracey was great and I would have no problems recommending her to others”  MBNA employee, July 2015

Indian Head Massage – “Tracey is easy to talk to. Huge experience. Articulate and confident. Very passionate about her practice and the ethics of it” Lisa M, May 2015

Thank you for a great course today, I thoroughly enjoyed it” Sarah P, April 2015

Bamboo Massage – “Thanks Tracey Nixon. I had a great day and learned so much. Very knowledgeable, explains everything well in detail above and beyond, very calm, tailors if required, just fab! A fantastic workshop and would highly recommend to others. Loved it!” Diana W, December 2014

“Very clear explanations. Well organised”  Maria D, December 2014

I have been on two courses with Tracy and I can recommend her 100% very friendly and very knowledgeable , had a great time and she helped me to feel very confident in my massage” Dawn Hickton, November 2014

For Indian Head Massage course: “I had a really good day and Tracey was lovely .. A very good teacher!” Diane E, Sept 2014

For Bamboo Massage course: “Tracey as always coached me in a professional relaxed environment and I would recommend colleagues and friends. Thank you Tracey” Dawn H, September 2014

For Aromatherapy Massage course: “I have really enjoyed my course and felt very comfortable with Tracey and feel very confident that through her tuition I will become a good aromatherapist” Dawn H, May 2014

For ear candling course: Tracey is “very thorough and clear. Easy to understand and felt comfortable and able to answer any questions.  An excellent course with good practical experience obtained and everything explained fully”  Karen E, July 2014