PlumEssence Training offer health, wellbeing, mental health and business-related workshops. which can be delivered within the workplace, schools, community groups, support groups or any other groups who are interested in improving their health and wellbeing, reducing their stress or understanding their business financial statements.

Understanding Accounts / Business Financials for Lending.  This is a series of 6 workshops aimed at business developments managers in the business finance and lending world. The workshops are supported by learning resources and can be delivered on your site.  The learning is to help you have the knowledge and understanding of basic financial documents used in business and interpret the information within.  This helps you produce insightful reports and approach your lender with the story and potential suggested proposals.  The 6 workshops can be a mix of face to face and virtual sessions.  face to face sessions are currently scheduled to be delivered in Birmingham city centre on Monday 15th May, Thursday 1st June, Friday 16th June, Wednesday 5th July, Wednesday 19th July and Wednesday 2nd August.  Please make contact for full details of the learning plan, skills gained and investment per delegate, as well as arranging other dates to suit you.

Understand and Cope with Pressure, Stress and Anxiety:  3 hour workshop.  Learn what is pressure, what is stress and what is anxiety and the main causes of them all.  Establish ways of being able to recognise the main symptoms of both stress and anxiety.  Have a better understanding of how pressure at home and/or work can lead to stress.  Learn some basic techniques to manage pressure so it does not become overwhelming, potentially leading to stress.  Also learn that not all sufferers of stress and/or anxiety will suffer the same symptoms and that not all treatments are suitable for all.  Follow on workshops will be Recognise Depression, Simple Stress Relief Techniques, Techniques to Switch Off and Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness  Open to anyone, 3 hour workshops next scheduled for: Thursday 17th August (3pm – 6pm), Tuesday 12th September (4-7pm), Friday 10th November (10am – 1pm), Tuesday 12th December (4 – 7pm).  Investment of £59 per person Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

Recognise Depression in Yourself and Others During this 3 hour workshop, you will learn what is depression and the main types of depression.  You will learn how to recognise the main symptoms of depression in yourself and others.  You will learn the main causes of depression and the various ways to treat and avoid depression.  You will also learn that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and that not all sufferers of depression will suffer the same symptoms and that not all treatments are suitable for all.  Follow on workshops can be Simple Stress Relief Techniques, Techniques to Switch Off and Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness Open to anyone, 3 hour workshops scheduled for Saturday 22nd July  (10am – 1pm), Sunday 19th November (10am – 1pm) Investment of £59 per person  Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

Stress Relief Techniques During this 3 hour workshop, you will learn why it is important to relieve stress for both the wellbeing of both your physical and mental health, you will learn some easy and effective methods of relieving stress, that can be incorporated into every day lives.  We also discuss the unhealthy methods of coping with, and relieving, stress.  Understand that not all methods of stress relief can be, or will be, suitable for all sufferers of stress.  Follow on workshops can be Techniques to Switch Off and the Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness  Open to anyone or can be booked for the workplace, 3 hour workshops scheduled for: Thursday 11th July (10am – 1pm)   Investment of £59 per person  Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

Techniques to ‘Switch Off’ During this 3 hour workshop, you will learn why it is important to detach from work and every day life, which will improve the wellbeing of both your physical and mental health.  You will learn some easy and effective methods of relaxation, that can be incorporated into every day life.  You will learn of the importance of sleep.  Understand that the workshop does not cover all methods of relaxation and methods to detach, and that not all methods of relaxation can be, or will be, suitable for all sufferers of work-related stress.  This workshop is aimed at the employed, volunteers and self-employed who want to learn simple ways to ‘switch off’ from work.  Helping you to have a healthier relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your work and improved sleep. Open to anyone, or can be booked for the workplace, next scheduled for:  Thursday 4th July (10am – 1pm)   Investment of £59 per person  Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

Meditation. Mindfulness. Hypnosis
Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness Picture

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness  I hear many people say they cannot meditate.  Therefore, during this 3 hour workshop, you will learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness.  You will learn the various ways to meditate and how to adapt to suit your needs.  You will learn the main benefits of meditation for improvements to both your physical and mental health, and be able to complete a short guided meditation by the end of the session.  Open to anyone workshops, scheduled for: Saturday 2nd September (10am – 1pm), Monday 6th November (10am – 1pm), Friday 1st December (10am – 1pm) Investment of £59 per person  Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

Analysing and Managing Personal Finances3 hour thought-provoking, interactive workshops.  The workshop will really get you to think about what you spend, what you need to spend, and when you spend it, comparing it to what income you receive and when.  We establish ways for you to balance the two and give you the confidence to change banks, suppliers and anything else you may need to do to manage your finances a little better.  Open to all next date scheduled is  Thursday 9th May (from 4.30pm) Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you. Investment of £59 per person

Understand Business Financial Statements.  3 hour interactive workshops open to all micro and small business owners and those in business who need to understand these key financial statements.  With only a few attendees, the workshops can be tailored to your specific needs. All workshops usually commence at 10am and are £47 per person.  Other dates can be arranged upon request.  Next scheduled dates are:  Sunday 9th June (10am – 1pm)   Investment of £59 per person  Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.

Green cleaning
Chemical-free cleaning

Natural Cleaning Products – Toxic and chemical-free, Green Cleaning – make your own healthy cleaning products using natural products and essential oils.  A 3 hour workshop for you to learn about how the chemicals in your cleaning products can make you ill and how to make your own healthy, therapeutic products that are good for you, your home and the environment.   £59 per person (minimum of 2 people) including handouts and making up to 3 products for you to take away and start using at home.  If you have a particular date in mind, please just ask and we’ll see what we can do for you! Next scheduled dates are;  Saturday 6th July (10am – 1pm) Investment of £59 per person  Other dates and times can be arranged to suit you.


All of these are great to be part of a workplace wellbeing programme to help reduce stress, tension and workplace sickness absence, or can be delivered within an educational establishment, support group or as community workshops, to reduce stress, tension and improve understanding of the items covered.  £580 per 3 hour workshop, to a maximum of 12 delegates/learners.  Almost all workshops can be tailored to suit your group.  Just make contact to secure a date that suits you and your group!

Non-Practitioner full day workshops

Massage Refresher   This workshop can be arranged on a 1-2-1 basis or for up four therapists.  The workshop is for qualified therapists who may not have given any treatments for a while.  With no set agenda, this is a practical workshop giving you the confidence to give treatments again, after refreshing your skills based on what you feel you need and want.  £159 per learner.  Dates are arranged to suit.  Please just ask or use the contact page here

Massage For Connection A workshop that lasts about 5 hours per couple, or 3 hours for one person learning.  The workshop is designed for you and someone you care about, whether that’s a partner, parent/guardian, child or friend.  You will learn to bond and connect with some of the more simple massage techniques to relieve stress, tension and improve relaxation and sleep, as well as many other benefits. There is less theory and lots of practise, focusing in the tension holding areas of back, neck, shoulders, lower legs, feet, arms and hands.  However, the techniques taught are specifically designed to suit you and the person you are caring for.  You will also be taught how to protect your own body from strain whilst giving the massage.  Dates are arranged to suit you.  The investment is £159 per person or £289 per couple.  There will be no mixed groups with this workshop, to enable the focus to be on you and your partner.  Please just ask  use the contact page here

Non-Practitioner half-day workshops ( up to 3 hours)

Using Forever Living Essential Oils.  2 hour workshop to be delivered to teams of Forever Living Business Owners only to help them understand the benefits and dangers of the essential oils available to purchase through Forever Living.  Times and dates can be arranged to suit.  Please make contact to arrange suitable dates and times for your team.  £99 per hour to a maximum of 12 delegates.

Exam Stress and Anxiety Management: A workshop adapted to suit your time requirements and age of the learners.  The workshop allows the learners to gain an understanding of what is stress and anxiety and how they affect the physical body and mental well-being.  Importance of planning, time management, coping strategies and stress relief can all be incorporated.  Time based on £67 per hour and arranged to suit your needs.

Available upon request and tailored to you or your group:

Pressure and Stress Management using Natural Therapies

Meditation and Mindfulness for Personal Physical and Emotional Wellbeing (2 x 3 hour sessions or 1 full day)

IMPACT Well-being (2 x 3 hour sessions or 1 full day)

Chill Skills for Students


“Your knowledge and skill is amazing and I will definitely be back for more courses.” Rachel B, September 2017

“Great to see you again yesterday… and looking so well.  On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank you for coming to our meeting last night.  Your talk was pitched perfectly… not only interesting but very informative and I’m sure it has made us all think about our health and wellbeing.  Personally I know I have to improve my eating and drinking habits during the day. Also my posture as I am one of those instructors that twist to face my pupils, resulting in a bad back.”  Chris S, June 2017

“Thank you for the Intro to Meditation Course – really beneficial” Bruce R, May 2017

“Thank you so much for a really rewarding and enjoyable day, we both learnt so much. You were an excellent teacher and your knowledge was extensive so thank you for sharing it with us.   Will definitely recommend you to people.”  Alison M, March 2017 (after Massage for Connection workshop)

“You have been an inspiration to me and a support to me as well.  I’m so pleased I met you.  Your true self has always shown itself, you cant totally hide that fabulous twinkle in your eyes”  Shirley W, February 2017 – after a series of Anxiety, Stress and Depression workshops

“Learned about how to structure my finances.  Learned from facilitator and others (discussion)” “I got more from this workshop than I thought I would. Things I had not considered before. Made me think about finances.” “This course should last several weeks”  Various comments from Managing Personal Finances workshop, February 2017

“What a fantastic night. Thank you xx
Really lovely and a surprising amount of laughs. Really liked the trainer, very infectious enthusiasm
It was great to not feel like the only person in the world who suffers and truly inspiring to see what can be done when you leave your job and have a complete life change ☺”   Various comments received via Facebook  -Stress and Anxiety workshop

“Very informative and engaging courses. Shirley and Tracey are truly inspirational and lovely. Thank you so much for your help on a better happy path x” Jo Lane, February 2017 (via Facebook) – Stress and Anxiety workshop

“Because you are an amazing teacher, I got 81%.  I honestly believed I would get 45/49 at best or 51 if I was super lucky.  I have to say Tracey if it was largely due to your teaching, coaching and the structure of your class”. Sean L, August 2016

“Look Tracey what our household now has! Here’s mine, husband has one and each of the three children do too. We started on Sunday and love our “Success Jars”.  Many thanks for the last few Thursday’s training sessions, you offer not only information but support, encouragement, fun and inspiration x” Natalie S, July 2016

“Thank you for the wonderful course you delivered last week.  Looking forward to the next one”  BK, July 2016

Hi Tracey, just a quite note to say thanks for the great sessions you have led over the last few weeks. You were talking to someone before I went today so didn’t get chance to say thanks.  You’re sessions although the topics have been quite serious, we have still managed to have fun which is one of you’re aims.  Hope to bump into you again in the future, thoroughly enjoyed the sessions you have delivered and I’ll keep “the picture” on my phone to remind me in the difficult times of the mindset I need to be in”  AH, June 2016 – serious of mental health workshops

Brilliant session. Very thought provoking” AH, June 2016 – signs of depression workshop

You were great. Thank you so much Tracey for delivering such an informative and interesting workshop” SW, June 2016 – signs of depression workshop

“Thank you once again for coming in to speak to our students on Tuesday. The feedback I have received has been very positive and the students felt they now have some practical strategies they can try out when they are preparing for their examinations”.  Carrie Cain, Head of Sixth Form, Friary School, Lichfield, April 2016 – exam stress management techniques 

Forever Living Essential Oils Workshop November 2015:  “Fab evening Tracey lots of fun and really informative. Looking forward to putting it to good use!!!” Claire G, November 2015

You were amazing. I absolutely loved it!! Xx” Jayne B, November 2015

Loved last night thank u so much Tracey Nixon ur a star c x” Claire F, November 2015

Thanks Tracey for a fun and very informative evening on how to use our aromatherapy oils safely. Fascinating and so interesting. Who would have thought that smells could evoke such emotion ?  I think it’s safe to say that we have just scratched the surface with these products but feel much more confident about using them and recommending them.  Great training Tracey. Thanks so much for your informative and fun night. We learned loads !! X” Ruth Law, November 2015

I highly recommend Tracey Nixon’s knowledge on essential oils. I know a lot of forever living consultants so if you have a team that need knowledge on the products you are selling be sure to send Tracey a message for information on her workshops” Katy T, November 2015

Forever Living Essential Oils Workshop October 2015    “Thank you for the session on aromatherapy you did at a workshop I took part in the weekend before last.  You were on-point, enthusiastic, passionate and, of course, highly knowledgeable. I took so much away from it. Forever grateful!” Rona M, Forever Living Business Owner, October 2015

“Dear Tracey. Thank you so much for your work today. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness & sharing approach when working with our team. Just delighted with what we have learnt . We so loved having you as a guest speaker Tracey. The depth of your knowledge and ideas was spellbinding. Feedback from the team has been so positive. We will highly recommend you and your courses. Thank you so much” Alison Taylor, Forever Living Business Owner, October 2015

Homemade green cleaning workshop November 2014: “(green cleaning workshop) is brilliant .. I thoroughly enjoyed it xx”  Dawn Wood, November 2014

Brilliant workshop with the ‘Green Clean Queen’ Tracey Nixon today! Wholly recommend this…it could save lives! You wouldn’t believe what the commercial products are doing to us…going green IS the way forward and it comes with free health benefits, is environmently sound and much cheaper than buying ready made! Jayne Smith, November 2014

Great workshop this morning with lovely Tracy Nixon. learnt a lot -will be stocking up on things I need to get going on green cleaning-I’m a convert for sure. Do get along to next one in Jan if you can -very worth while. Thanks Tracy Love and Reiki Namaste Ann x Ann Smith, November 2014

Homemade cleaning products workshop October 2014:   “What a good meeting it was, absolutely crackling with energy and interest in what you had to tell us.  I think you perfectly judged what really engages the ladies with issues of health and costs close to their hearts.  When a speaker has a deep knowledge of her subject and believes passionately in what she is delivering, shines through as it did with you, and caught us all up in the sense of what you were saying.  So thank you for preparing so thoroughly and speaking so eloquently ( and for sending the handout).” Penny E.  

I really enjoyed the meeting too today and it was well worth driving across the county to get there after my morning class. Tracey’s talk was great and has made me want to try out some of her ideas. Lemons and bi-carb at the ready!” Catherine D.

Clearly Green Cleaning is a popular subject and you have so much knowledge and passion to share with your audience. Like everything else that you do, you approach it in such a professional manner. Looking forward to attending your Workshop. Go for it, they’ll be queuing up, it’s such a great subject and relevant to us all.”  “Many thanks to our speaker, Tracey Nixon, for an interesting talk and demonstration on creating home cleaning products using aromatherapy oils.  Thanks also, for taking the time to produce a useful and informative hand out, much appreciated.” Maggie H.   

“Tracey was excellent” Lesley P.  

I loved it. Tracey was fab. Xx” Mags O.  

It was fascinating talk and demo by Tracey. I’ll be concocting from now on. I already have several ingredients.” Jane N.

More workshops will be posted soon, but if you would like to learn anything in particular or would like us to offer a particular workshop, please feel free to contact us:

e: t: 01889 808388 m: 07803 399594

Thank you