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October 23rd, 2020 0 comments

In October 2020, I had a chat with Stuart James of Emotive-Eye for his ‘The Personal Connection’ podcast series about the importance of health, wellness and looking after you. We discuss a range of subjects including stress, burnout, knowing your own mind and body, listening to yourself and others, and boundaries. Why not make yourself

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The impact that social and cultural attitudes to mental illness can have on individuals and their care.

July 18th, 2020 0 comments

This is the 6th in a series of blogs, using answers to pass Mental Health qualifications. Negative attitudes can cause situations to worsen as people having mental ill health may find it harder to seek help and support, which can cause further isolation and decreasing health. Difficulties that people already have may worsen.  Whilst there

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How I see how Mental Illness is portrayed by the Media

May 10th, 2020 0 comments

How I see how Mental Illness is portrayed by the Media This is the 5th blog in a series about Awareness of Mental Health Problems. These blogs are written based on work I completed for my mental health studies, of which the majority is written from the heart and based on my own personal experiences

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The social context of mental illness

April 26th, 2020 0 comments

This blog is the 4th in a series, based on work completed for my mental health studies.  This describes some of the social and cultural attitudes to mental illness, including referencing to discrimination and stereotyping. Although there has been positive moves to highlight mental health, including mental ill health, there is still a lot of

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The difficulties that individuals with mental health problems may face in day to day living

April 15th, 2020 0 comments

The 3rd in a serious of blogs about mental health and awareness of mental ill health, based on my own experiences and assignments I have completed for my mental health studies. Social stigma about mental illness, can reduce people’s ability to live in the community and face every day life. Mental health problems can also

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It’s ok to have a wobble

April 1st, 2020 0 comments

This is a compilation of some of things I have been saying to clients and friends just recently after they have been telling me they are feeling like they are on a rollercoaster of emotions, having wobbles, feeling unwell and feeling selfish at being angry at the situations they find themselves in.  Yesterday, I admit,

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Examples of Mental Health Problems

March 2nd, 2020 0 comments

I hope you will find the information interesting and informative and it helps break the stigma of mental health and encourages people to talk about it.

Mental Health Awareness Trainer

September 8th, 2019 0 comments

I’m a 1st Aid for Mental Health and Awareness Trainer. It moved me well out of my comfort zone! I had to produce a 10 minute video as part of the new mental health role to work with TT Training Academy (which can be seen here) I did this yesterday 7th September 2019. After many takes

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The Meaning of Mental Health and Mental Ill Health

September 6th, 2019 0 comments

This is the first in a series of blogs and videos to help give you an initial awareness of mental health problems. The videos and blogs will cover an awareness of: Mental Health in general, stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, post-natal depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, eating disorders, ADHD, OCD and PTSD.  All of these subjects

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Coping with unexpected boulders

August 6th, 2019 0 comments

Coping with unexpected boulders Sometimes, boulders can help you focus, regroup and rediscover what is important to you.  But, they can also cause stress, anxiety and depression, if not managed and you learn ways to cope with them.   So, what are boulders? Things like: Illness – both short-term and long-term Death of a loved

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