Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are for the benefit of both the client and the therapist. By booking and attending a treatment, it is taken as agreed that you have read, understood and abide by the Terms and Conditions detailed below.


Payment must be made before the appointment.  All clients will be supplied with an invoice prior to their appointment.  Only upon receipt of payment, will the booking be considered as confirmed.

Payments in cash, bank transfer or credit card are accepted.

The options to pay are also provided on the invoice.

Discounted packages are available on request.  Discounted packages must be paid for in advance.

Cancellation Policy

When a treatment time and duration has been mutually agreed, this is deemed to be a provisional booking.  Since December 2015, all clients will have to pay in advance of their appointed time.  The booking is confirmed once the payment is received prior to the treatment time.

48 hours notice of cancellation is required for all individual treatments.   Clients are asked to make cancellations by telephone, email or text.

Failure to cancel within the required time period will incur a charge of 100% of the scheduled appointment time.  The cancellation fee will be invoiced and due to be paid within 48 hours.

Failure to cancel within the required time period, or failure to pay for an appointment once the treatment has been completed, will result in a prepayment for future bookings.

Any cancellation fees may be waived at the therapist’s discretion.

If the therapist is unable to carry out the treatment due to illness, the client will be notified as soon as possible.  An alternative appointment time will be made as close as possible to the original appointment time.

Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers must be redeemed on or before the expiry date of the individual voucher.

Gift vouchers stating a value are to be redeemed against full-priced appointments and products.

Gift vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any special offers or promotions.

It may be possible to change the treatment specified on a gift voucher although an additional charge may have to be incurred.

Gift vouchers are not refundable.

Please allow adequate time to book an appointment prior to the expiry date of the gift voucher.  It may take up to 3 weeks to fulfil an appointment, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

If an appointment cannot be arranged before the expiry date with insufficient notice to book (ie 3 weeks), then the voucher will be void.

Redemption of gift vouchers are at the discretion of the therapist.

New clients

A prepayment is required to confirm and secure all bookings.  Please refer to the cancellation policy above.

Therapist commitment

To work to the best of their ability for each and every client and maintain professional working practices, abiding by the Codes of Conduct as set by professional and regulatory bodies.

All treatments will last for the specified duration.  Treatment time commences immediately after the consultation.  The therapist has the right to reduce the treatment time if the client arrives late for their appointment.

Treatments will only be conducted if the treatment is safe for the client to receive.  If any GP or Consultant permission is required, the client will be requested to provide this in writing before treatments can be received.

Therapies will be tailored for each client’s individual needs to give maximum benefit.

Client’s details will not be discussed with any third party, except in the circumstance where the client is referred to another practitioner, after which the therapist and client will agree what can be shared.

All information is kept securely on file.

Client Commitment

All clients will need to complete, and sign, a confidential consultation form, which will include a medical history, prior to treatment.  Clients will have a brief consultation as part of their treatment at the beginning of each treatment session.

All clients are asked to complete the consultation form and any further questions to the best of their knowledge.  The client also agrees to provide updated information for any changes in on-going medical treatments as these may affect their therapy treatments.

Clients will arrive on time for their scheduled appointment.  Failure to arrive on time may result in the treatment time being reduced accordingly.


By signing the consultation form, clients are giving the therapist permission to hold these records and records of completed treatments about them.

Client treatment details remain private and confidential between the client and the therapist.

Some personal information is held on the booking platform known as Timely and the current invoicing system is Xero.  Neither of these platforms will contain information about the personal circumstances of the client.


The client is to recognise and understand that complementary and holistic therapies, and other similar body-work treatments, are not a substitute for medical examination or medical care. Complementary therapies are to be used alongside, rather than in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a healthcare professional for medical attention and advice. Therapists are not qualified general medical practitioners.  Any views or opinions expressed on topics outside of their acknowledged training will be based on their life skills, knowledge and experience and should be treated purely as that.  Therefore, they must not be acted upon before consulting your own GP or healthcare professional.