Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing – Why is it important?  Government statistics state 46% of people are signed off sick with mental health conditions, such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Mental Health and Stress is a major cause of sickness absence, costs business a great deal of money and causes people with these conditions, a lot of misery.  Despite its sensitive nature, stress, mental health and other psychosocial risks can be successfully tackled, and reduced.  

Tackling stress and mental health in the workplace is worth the effort!  It leads to improved worker health, cuts costs related to sickness absence and improves organisational performance.

Improving workplace wellbeing, and mental health awareness, for employees can create a healthier and more engaged workforce.  It can help reduce employee stress levels, reduce mental health stigma, absenteeism and staff turnover.

PlumEssence Therapies and Training offer stress management programmes, and mental health training for the workplace ensuring a happier and healthier workforce.

A happier, healthier and engaged workforce will improve employee performance and productivity.

A productive workforce improves profits!

Look after your staff and they will look after your business.

Here are some of the therapies and training that we offer in the work place, please click on each one for more information:

On Site/Seated Massage

Bamboo Massage

Indian Head Massage

IMPACT Wellbeing

NLP Belief Change / Personal Empowerment Coaching

Mental Health Awareness, First Aid for Mental Health training

A range of educational workshops on subjects of pressure, stress, anxiety and depression and accredited mental health courses are available at times and dates to suit you.  Contents include recognising the symptoms and some coping and management strategies.  Details of all workshops are on the workshops page and mental health training page.

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Absence costs employers an average of £595 per employee per year (CIPD 2013).  Studies have shown that absence management initiatives can reduce absence by 25%.  Now what a saving that could be to your bottom line!

Call now to book a complimentary and no obligation chat about how we could improve the sickness absence in your work place!

Key benefits to making that call and improving the staff wellbeing can be:

Reduction in ill health, work related stress and the costs associated with sickness absence,

Increased productivity as staff feel valued and morales are boosted,

A happier workforce will continually sell and market your work place … for free!,

Being ‘the’ company to work for will help you retain and recruit the best personnel and improve your reputation,

The best personnel will retain and recruit the best customers,

Legal compliance,

Reduced insurance costs,

And this all adds up to increased profits.

Bupa’s latest research shows that almost two thirds (60 per cent) of UK workers admit, if they felt happy at work, they would be more productive and over half (55 per cent) would feel more focused. Employees who are engaged in their health are more likely to perform well, have lower healthcare costs and take fewer sick days.

What should employers be doing?

While some UK employers realise that future success depends on a healthy, motivated workforce, far more need to take action and lead the way in supporting every employee to take the right steps to keep healthy and well, and reduce future health risks.

Smart employers know that healthy employees come to work, perform at their peak and go the extra mile

Businesses need to take action and think beyond health insurance and traditional health benefits. Greater focus must be placed on creating an environment where employees are engaged and supported to lead healthier life styles and keep well, both physically and mentally. Not only will this benefit the individual, but smart employers know that healthy employees come to work, perform at their peak and go the extra mile.

According to the Office for National Statistics, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, such as back and neck pain, were the leading cause of lost working days in 2013. This was closely followed by stress, anxiety and depression, with 15 million working days lost. With more than 131 million working days lost in total, it’s clear why employers need to take action.

Here’s what NICE have recently said Healthy Workplaces Make for Happy and Effective Employees


“when it came to the feedback session everyone said a resounding ‘yes’ to the question as to whether they thought the Therapy sessions had been good – some had told me it was ‘the best back massage they’d ever had’, ‘wonderful’ foot massage, and several said they’d really benefited or found it really nice and relaxing!  So you see how grateful we are to you – please pass on our thanks and our prayers for you all”  It’s always lovely to be appreciated” Rev CF, via email November 2019

“I have received great reviews back from our session with you especially the treatments you gave. Most people were happy to discuss and identify what stress is and where it comes from and also to receive advice on how to deal with it using simple methods i.e. take a break, leave your e-mails.  The information sheets you left us with are very useful. The session, in my opinion, made a stronger bond to the team and I have seen improvements in communication between certain individuals. I know the hands on making items went down very well, so overall I would say it was a great success! I enjoyed listening to some parts myself and especially liked how you dealt with the activists of the group, great job thank you Tracey.” Paul Walters, Stafford Industrial Supplies, May 2016

Thank you so much for all you did on Friday – it was an absolutely fantastic day!” Sarah C, Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Workplace Wellbeing day, July 2015