PlumEssence Therapies offer a variety of treatments and therapies to individuals.

All treatment sessions are tailored to your individual needs at the time of your session.  Almost all treatments can be combined to give a truly unique experience for you resulting in ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, wellbeing and healing.

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Treatments and Therapies available for individuals are:

Aromatherapy Can easily be incorporated into a massage treatment. Advice also given on how to use essential oils for bathing, oil burners and diffusers, inhalers, room sprays, face and body treatments, cleaning and first aid.

Therapeutic Body Massage A variety of techniques are used and combined to give the best treatment for your particular needs.  Anything from soft, pampering moves for the unwell, elderly and children through to Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Techniques for those needing a more deep massage to release toxins, knots, stress, tension and pain.

Bamboo Massage Using pieces of bamboo can allow a much deeper massage. Excellent for tight, stressed and tired muscles and for releasing deep and long held toxins and stress.

Reiki A wonderfully relaxing treatment able to alleviate and release emotional and physical pain.  Reiki can bring about peace and calm, to naturally heal yourself and often, to help you find your own answers to your concerns.

Ear Candles Not the candles you light when the electric’s gone out! A very calming and relaxing treatment.  Beneficial for helping with migraines and headaches especially those caused by tension, sinus problems and ear balance problems such as vertigo and labyrinthitis.

Indian Head Massage  A great starter treatment for those not experiencing a massage before. Also great for the elderly and infirm and for those who cannot get onto a couch.  Benefits include easing pressure around the face, head, neck and shoulders, so releasing any pain caused by stress and tension.

On Site/Seated Massage  A massage completed on the special chair!  The best treatment for corporate events and for treatments in the workplace. Without undressing, a mix of massage techniques are used to combat pain, stress and tension held in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and glutes.

Crystal Therapy A non-invasive treatment which can help balance your chakras and problems associated with those areas. Very calming and relaxing with many feeling energised, focused and motivated after treatments. A wide variety of emotional and physical ailments can be treated.

Colour Therapy A non-invasive treatment which can easily be combined with crystals. Also used to balance your chakras. Advice can be given about how colour therapy can be incorporated into your everyday life with the clothes you wear, the decor in your home or office and the food you eat.

Holistic Facials Looking good without the need for Botox or other invasive treatments. Relaxing facials using aloe vera products as a base, essential oils, and potentially other natural products added, suitable for your skin type.  Face products are blended after your treatment commences, so you know they are fresh and unique to you. 

Dorn Method  Dorn Method is a gentle and safe manual complementary therapy focusing on the cause of back and joint pain, in the spine and other joints.  The treatment is used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints, targeting common health problems including: Back Pain.  Neck pain.  Headaches and Migraines.  Joint problems such as Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle and Jaw.  Leg lenth difference.  Sciatica.  Balance problems such as Vertigo and Menieres.

NLP Belief Change Practitioner / Empowerment Coaching A 6-step process to help you establish what it is you really want to do and why, followed by how to make personal development changes to you achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations.  You will be given anchoring techniques to ensure you can follow your dreams in your own time and space.

Stress Management Consulting as part of most consultations and an on-going process throughout 1-2-1 sessions.

Mentoring A mentor is normally someone who has business experience and acts as a trusted confidante over a flexible period of time.  It is considered to be a closer and more meaningful relationship than coaching.  A true mentoring relationship is a mutually beneficial learning experience where the mentor shares their personal knowledge and experience and promotes a self discovery approach.

Hypnotherapy and NLP  Hypnotherapy benefits include:  Deep relaxation, stress management, pain management, stop smoking, weight loss, control of anxiety and panic attacks, improved confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing, management of IBS, stop nail-biting, driving anxiety, exam anxiety management, as well as many other benefits.  Hypnotherapy can be used as a therapeutic tool, to tap into the subconscious mind and transform areas of your life.  It can change how you think, feel and behave by considering how you use our mind and language and how you allow others to influence you.

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