Last week, I went to London with the husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We went to Harrods for their luxury afternoon tea.  An afternoon of pure indulgence but hey, you only live once, right?

We arrived just before our scheduled time, and were seated by a beautiful young lady.  She casually asks us if we are there to celebrate anything in particular?  We replied with “yes, it’s our wedding anniversary”.  “Lovely” she says “enjoy your tea”.

We didn’t see her again for the whole afternoon.  We were, however, waited up on a wonderful young man who couldn’t help us enough!

The afternoon tea was pure Indulgence.  They couldn’t make enough sandwiches, scones and  cakes, and as soon as our glasses or cups were empty, they were being topped up!

When we finished our afternoon tea and were trying to establish if we could lift our laden belies from the chairs, a beautiful song started to be played on the piano and we are presented with a beautiful cake, hand decorated with “Happy Anniversary”.  It was absolutely lovely and brought tears to my eyes.

The whole experience made me think about customer service.  The final cake was totally unexpected and it made us feel valued.

I started to think about what do I do for customer service.  I know that I send my clients gifts for their birthdays and anniversaries.  They are sent in the post and are totally unexpected by my clients.  I try and make gifts in line with what they like and what they’ve said to me.  My clients think this is wonderful because they like having unexpected it in the post and it shows I’ve listened to something they have potentially forgotten they’ve mentioned.

I also send my clients thank you cards for attending on a regular basis, or for referring me.  Often, some sort of gift is enclosed even if it’s a voucher to redeem against future sessions or product purchases.

What are you doing to make your customers feel valued?  What do you do to make your customers feel loved?  Do you say thank you to your clients?

How do you keep your clients coming back for more?

I know I have helped other business owners come up with ideas for their businesses and I can struggle to think of something unique for mine.

If you would like some ideas for your business, why not call me for an informal chat or a meet over a coffee?  You can book a 1-2-1 using my on-line scheduling system too!

You have nothing to lose.

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