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Drivers help for sitting all day

Drivers: Pain, Stress, Tension, Low-Moods – they all affect everyone at some point in their lives.  Everyone has different levels of tolerance.  As far as I’m concerned, there is not a one-size fits all approach to treating any of these concerns.  It’s why I use a range of therapies and treatments, mixing and matching them within the same treatment session if possible, to treat the root cause, not just the symptoms.

From what I have experienced with drivers, they:

The pain, diet and job leads to tiredness.

Add tiredness to pain and irritability, and they tend to take that home with them.

This causes tension at home, which can lead to anger and frustration.

Add this all together, and you suffer STRESS!


You can start to make small daily changes to ease your own symptoms.

Eat Your Water

Delivery drivers and driving instructors especially, appear to be quite poor at staying hydrated.  They tend to not want to drink water in order to reduce the need for using the loo.  My advice is to eat your water to stay hydrated.

Watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, celery, green & yellow peppers, cauliflower – all are over 90% water.

Grapefruit, baby carrots, cantaloupe melon – 90% water.

Bananas – only 74% water but high in potassium which is an important electrolyte needed to ease dehydration.

It’s easy to make salads and soups using these ingredients (no added salt though)


Reduce Pain – while at work

Ensure your seats are comfortable for you!

Do NOT sit on wallets, phones, or have anything else in your back pocket.  It puts your spine out of alignment.

Face forward.

Knees slightly higher than hips.

Back against car seat.

Small in-car ankle and ham strings exercises, shoulder rolls and head and neck exercises will all help to east tension.

Consider how you are working on laptops and phones, while ‘not working’


A small irritant can lead to a big pain later!  Do not ignore them!

Small regular breaks.

Move as much as you can.

Walk around the car.



Moving stimulates blood circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to your spines and muscles.


Reduce pain – when not at work

Stand as much as you can!  Move as much you can!  Get your glutes working!

Have spine & muscle massage treatments (helps you to relax and switch off too!)


Reduce Stress, Tension and Burnout.

Ensure you switch off!

Be strict with your hours.

Set boundaries – and stick to them.

Have a ‘finishing work’ routine.

Have fixed bed time & routine.

Diarise ‘me time’.


Have massage treatments.

Practise meditation & mindfulness.



Become aware of when you are stressed. Monitor your breathing and posture.  Listen to your mind and body.


Talk to someone.


Eat well.  Take time out.  Meditate. Breathe properly.  Massage.  Exercise.  Set boundaries.  Sleep well.



I love treating pain, stress, depression and anxiety using a range of natural therapies including spinal correction (Dorn Method), various massage techniques, hypnotherapy, NLP/Empowerment Coaching and well as other treatments to help you relax and switch off.


Workshops available for meditation and mindfulness, understanding stress and anxiety, stress management and techniques to switch off.


I can make your mind and body feel better again.  Let’s have a chat and see how.  01889 808388 [email protected]  plumessencetherapies.co.uk

Men – why avoid the ‘taboo’ subjects?

Charlie Chaplin .. As I began to love myself

Charlie Chaplin .. As I began to love myself

On a daily basis, I tend to get a great bunch of clients.  My clients tend to come to me because they are suffering some form of physical pain and I attract many clients that are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression.

That’s great because I do state I aim to help people suffering from pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

There are days when I have all female clients, days when I have all male clients and days where there is a mix.

A few weeks back, I had all female clients and all had come to me suffering from depression.

The last client of the day stated “there seems to be a lot of ladies suffering depression at the moment”.  I totally agree with her, and although the opposite appears to be the case, men are more prone to suffering from depression than women.  More women are signed off sick with stress related conditions, as opposed to men, but it is men to more prone to committing suicide than women.  (Recent statistics state that of suicides committed in the UK, 75% of them are men).

Also, at recent workshops, based on mental health awareness, coping with pressure and stress, recognising depression and other similar titles, there were all women in attendance.  Why is that?  Why are men not attending the workshops?  Why are men not seeking help?
It appears there are many reasons why men are not prone to not admitting to suffering from stress or depression, which is a shame when there is a lot of help available and many natural therapies which can help.  Why is that?  What are those reasons?  I would love to know and aim to understand the reasons.  I keep everything private and confidential.
To help all my clients, the sessions include diet advise, colour therapy, aromatherapy body massage and holistic facials, empowerment coaching and on-going mentoring sessions. (Mentoring does not always have to be work-focused).

So, I’ve had a thought ……… If I ran men-only workshops about the ‘taboo’ subjects, would they attend?  If the answer is yes, then I will arrange some.  Guys, please let me know.  And ladies, if you could ask the men you know, can you let me know what they say please?
If you would like to explore natural therapies as a way of helping you cope with pain, stress or depression, you only have to call for an informal chat, or book a 1-2-1 session with me, which can be done via my website www.plumessencetherapies.co.uk if I’m not able to take your call.

I look forward to hearing from you [email protected]  01889 808388 or 07803399594

Move out of your comfort zone

January, so far, has been a time of some stress for me.  Yes me, she who helps people to reduce their stress and to manage their stress, managed to get stressed herself.  It was all about awards.

But, only for a while because I was able to put into practise, some of my own teachings.

The cause of my stress was having to promote myself.  Mainly to talk about myself and tell others why I deserve to win some awards.  Yikes!

I have some exciting and nerve-racking moments coming up in February, because I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Firstly I wanted to be part of a programme called iGrow, a high-level intensive programme available to a small number of businesses with aspirations to grow.  As this is a Government funded programme, available to only a select few, there was an application process to complete.  I had to make a written application, a tweet and a video, basically stating what I wanted and why I was worth investing in.  You can see the video on YouTube here or copy this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4HZJEdjXqA&list=PLIp36bRnR6iRHTNhRQSc0dOH81aW84p7A&index=2

Secondly, I have been nominated for a business award – Networker of the Year.  As part of the second stage of the nomination process, I had to write, in 400 words, why I deserve to win, including giving examples of how I have successfully connected people and which networking groups I run.  (Strange how the above video mentions networking quite a lot and yet it was made before the nomination was announced).

Naturally, I had moments of doubts when applying for the above two awards, especially when I saw who else was applying for the growth award and who else had been nominated for the business award.  But, I’ve had my Belief Change and Empowerment Coaching training.  I am also a certified practitioner and all I had to do was put my training into practise.  It was time to put the ‘What If’ scenario into action.  And, as is always good in these cases, I called upon some business buddies to support me.  After-all, if you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you have to ask for help.

Do you have thoughts and beliefs that stop you from getting in the way of achieving what you want, your goals, dreams and aspirations?

If so, give me a call.  I would love to take you on the journey of changing your beliefs, changing your life for the better for good and then continuing the journey with on-going mentoring.  After all, if you watch my video for my iGrow application, you’ll see that’s one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made – not having a mentor earlier.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

I’ll buy the cuppa if you want to meet for a chat to see how I can help you.  Just contact me on [email protected] or call 07803399594

Show you care

At some point, everyone will suffer either, or all, of pain, stress and depression.

Many will not admit to these, potentially causing themselves more problems.

Giving a gift voucher to those you care about and who you see suffering, can help those people to open up and receive the benefits of natural therapies and personal support from a therapist.

Not just for Christmas or birthdays, but at any time, give a gift that cares as much as you do.

I supply gift vouchers for any value.

On the vouchers you can either specify the monetary value, the amount of time bought or specify the actual treatments or sessions you want the receiver to have.

It’s easy really.  All you do is call me on 01889 808388, 07803 399594 or email [email protected]


Well-being is not self-indulgent

Caring for yourself is not self-indulgent, it is self-preservation.

Looking after yourself is not pampering, it is a necessity.

I thought of this today as clients are not booking appointments due to their workloads.

Many in the health field will say “when you don’t have time for you, then that’s when you need to make that time”.

To enjoy work, to stay focused and be productive, you need to take time out for you.  Enabling your mind and body to relax, helps them to rejuvenate and refresh, helping you to replenish the energy in both.  Renewed energy allows for improved thought processes and to be able to think more productively, often allowing you to come up with better and new ideas.

You need to take care of yourself as it is easy to forget to do so, especially when you’re busy looking after your work responsibilities and trying to appease others.

Whatever you do, you should prioritise your own health and well-being.  You need to eat well, and rest your mind and body.  You need to take time out.

Scheduling time to help you maintain your well-being gives you something to look forward to. If

you like, you can consider it a pampering treat for all the hard work you have completed.  Take it as time to enjoy.  It’s more difficult to be successful if you don’t take care of yourself.

Working hard and not taking time for your well-being will lead to regular illnesses and stress-related illness. More illness causes more stress as you fight the initial illness and then you don’t perform at your best.  It’s an easy catch-22 situation to fall into.

This is usually when I get the calls. People wanting to book in because they don’t feel great.  That’s fine, I like people to book in and we can start the well-being journey.

But really, prevention is better than cure.

Don’t wait until you feel something is wrong. Don’t wait until you are in pain, stressed, or suffering anxiety or elements of depression.

Make a plan, now, to book yourself in for your well-being treatment, and make sure you come first.

If you don’t look after yourself, you cannot look after anyone else.  If you don’t know where to start, or don’t know what treatments to have, then just ask!

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