Quartz boulder

Coping with unexpected boulders

Sometimes, boulders can help you focus, regroup and rediscover what is important to you.  But, they can also cause stress, anxiety and depression, if not managed and you learn ways to cope with them.


So, what are boulders?

Things like:

Illness – both short-term and long-term

Death of a loved one.

Unexpected financial outlays, ie for significant items breaking in the home or business

Debtors not paying

Marriage break up

Suddenly losing ‘me time’

Loss of work

Sudden overwhelm

Children leaving home

Children moving back home

You getting in your own way


What simple coping strategies could you put in place?

In no particular order, you could try:

Wine and chocolate!  (please don’t do these long term)

Acceptance and acknowledgement


Comforting yourself and being kind to yourself.

Reward yourself and others.


Seek the opportunity from the situation

Looks at the end result, make a plan of action and break into small, baby steps

If something the same or similar has happened before, learn from it by thinking about what you did last time.

Delegate and outsource tasks, so you can focus on you and your recovery.

Know that the situation will not last forever.

Forgiveness of yourself and others.

Show gratitude of the past and other present situations.

Talk to someone!  Even, seek professional help!  There is no shame in it.

Regular self-care helps in the long term and perhaps lower the impact of boulder situations.


Tracey of PlumEssence is a therapist, hypnotherapist, mental health first aider, stress management consultant and mentor, who helps people to manage and cope with boulders thrown at them.  Tracey also runs workshops about Managing and Coping with Stress and Anxiety, which are suitable for support groups and the workplace.

For a no obligation chat, so see if I can help you, please call 01889 808388 or 07803 399594 or email

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