Aromatherapy”, although considered to be a complementary therapy, using essential oils in massage, let us consider the words “Aroma” and “Therapy”.

When I teach workshops, where essential oils are incorporated, I ask people to consider their favourite smells and why.  I usually have to actively tell them to NOT consider essential oils.

Some of the answers include; “The smell of the countryside” (usually from city or town dwellers), “Fresh cut grass”, “a specific person’s scent” (usually of that person is no longer part of their lives), “The smell of the rain after a dry spell”, “fish and chips at the seaside” or certain flowers.  Mine are oven-baked jacket potatoes after a cold evening walk, or the smell of slow-cooker curry to come home to.

The favourite smell is the ‘aroma’ and the ‘therapy’ is the feel-good factor these favourite aromas induce.


Aromatherapy does not always have to be the smell of lavender and other such essential oils. And it doesn’t have to be about massage.


If you can conjure up a pleasant memory of a favourite smell or scent, and it can help you smile, calm your senses, relax and relieve any anxiety, then do it!  With practise, it can be easy to do, and works even better (in my opinion) if it’s attached to an anchor.


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The smell of freshly cut grass

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