What has this got to do with a healthy home?  Read on and you’ll find out.

It has been a week of unusual events and emails.  Events I wasn’t really expecting but then looking on my vision board, they are events I wanted to manifest.


The emails have been about workshops, asking me to deliver workshops.

I have been asked to deliver 5 different workshops next year, on behalf of Stoke City Council, I have been asked to deliver some workshops for Stafford Council and I have been asked to deliver more aromatherapy workshops to Forever Living Business Owners.


I’m not saying too much about the council workshops at the moment.  I want them to be finalised, with i’s dotted and t’s crossed beforehand but they are certainly exciting for me.  Lots of work to prepare them and challenges to overcome in meeting their expectations, but that’s what I like.


The Forever Living workshops; Forever Living have started to sell essential oils (I have been using and selling Forever Living products since about 2002).  I have been a qualified aromatherapist since 2001 and absolutely love essential oils and their therapeutic properties.  My teaching and training, which is always on-going, also means I know how dangerous and damaging essential oils can be, if not used properly.  I have decided to stop being angry about people being able to buy essential oils from almost anywhere and use my knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications to educate others about the cautions and how to use essential oils for maximum benefit.


One of the most popular workshops I run is about household cleaning.

I firmly believe that the cleaning products industry is in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.  Off-the-shelf cleaning products are prone to making people very ill, which means people then buy medicines to make them feel well.  Win win for the chemical industries.

There is another way!

I make my own cleaning products, using all natural ingredients, of which some are essential oils.

My next workshop is on Saturday 5th December, starting at 10am.

It will be my last one this year and is limited to 6 places so there is maximum engagement and learning for all the attendees.

Testimonials and feedback for these workshops is fantastic! (see below or look here).

If you want to be on the band-wagon of people who want healthy homes, then please book your limited cleaning products workshop place here.  You have nothing to lose and only great health to gain!

Best Cleaning Worksop testimonial so far:

“Brilliant workshop with the ‘Green Clean Queen’ Tracey Nixon today! Wholly recommend this…it could save lives! You wouldn’t believe what the commercial products are doing to us…going green IS the way forward and it comes with free health benefits, is environmentally sound and much cheaper than buying ready-made!”

If you would like to know more about the courses and workshops I offer, or just want to know more about natural health, I’m always happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat.  Just complete the form on this page and I’ll follow and we’ll arrange a date.  Easy.

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