Train the Trainer Accounts Modules

Although it states it on my LinkedIn profile, I don’t often tell people I am also an Accounting Tutor. The Chartered Institute of Credit Management approached me in 2011, asking if I would teach their Accounting Principles modules.

All I needed was a teaching qualification, which I duly obtained.
I started teaching in 2012.
More recently, I was approached by a company that prepare and deliver accredited leadership and development courses. One of their awarding bodies had altered some modules and had added 2, entitled Managing Business Performance and Using Management Accounts.
The trainers felt they did not know enough to subsequently teach these modules, which is where I came in.
It did not seem feasible for me to travel around the country, teaching for a couple of hours each week and so I taught the trainers enough for them to deliver the subjects.
Based on my own teaching and training experience, I supplied them with ideas on how to make the subjects interesting and gave ideas of how the learners could relate to the subjects being taught.
I thoroughly enjoyed preparing and deliver ‘train the trainer’ sessions. My own experience of teaching and mentoring made the whole process easy and stress free.

If you deliver leadership, development and management courses and have noticed there are added accounts of finance related modules you are unsure as to how to deliver, then please call for a no-obligation chat.   07803399594 or email
I may just be able to make the process stress-free for you too, giving you a presentation and workbook to work from.


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