This is a compilation of some of things I have been saying to clients and friends just recently after they have been telling me they are feeling like they are on a rollercoaster of emotions, having wobbles, feeling unwell and feeling selfish at being angry at the situations they find themselves in.  Yesterday, I admit, I had a tough day and I shed a lot of tears. I have also had those wobbles and rollercoasters of emotions, feeling scared about the future one moment and then full of ideas for that same future, then losing motivation, and perking up again, and so it goes.

We are experiencing emotions we may never have encountered before, and many at the same time. We all have to be kind to ourselves. 

I honestly think that if we don’t stop and nurture ourselves, our bodies force ourselves too.  Wobbles at this time are perfectly fine.  I know I have had some wobbly moments and I have to think about why.  Thinking these things and thinking of yourself and how you feel is not selfish. 

We are all going through a grief and loss process.  People think this process is all about death, but it’s about anything that we are used to being taken away from us, and we have no control over it.  We are losing our incomes, through no fault of our own, losing our sense of focus, losing our motivation, losing our ability to hug who we want when we want, and now, losing the ability to be free – and that is hard to cope with. 

It all overload and overwhelm, and it’s allowed that it can tire us, exhaust us and give us wobbles!  This is also a universal grief which we are all feeling and cannot avoid.  We are having to be strong for ourselves as well as for those we love and care about, and none of us know how to do that.

It’s amazing how we all feel like this roller coaster at the moment.  I think we have to be kind to ourselves on the days we have no motivation and don’t feel productive.  No, this situation wont be forever.  Like the stages of the grief process, they are not forever but still hard to manage at the time, and that’s ok.

We will all get through this and needing some form of support right now is perfectly acceptable.

Much love.

Tracey x

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