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How to stay positive when surrounded by negativity – Part 1

It is often said you become the person you surround yourself with.  In the workplace and with people we love and care about, we are surrounded by people who appear to have a very pessimistic and negative attitude to life.  One of the people I love the most admits he doesn’t have a very positive outlook on life.

As a therapist, people think I ‘welcome’ negative people in my life.  I could look at it like that, or I could view it as these people have taken positive steps to overcome their pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

In business, there is often the people who will be happy to bring up obstacles and give you a number of reasons why something wont work.  If I come across these in the groups I run, I see these as challenges to overcome,  I ask the people for solutions to the ‘problems’ they are more than happy to point out.

Your work situation may be something you cannot control, but what those you care about, those you may not have a choice about being in your life (ie family)?  These people may really test your ability to stay positive and be in a happy position.

How do you cope with these people in your life?  How can you remain on a positive and happy vibration when those around you seem intent on showing you otherwise?

Now, I’m not one of these that advocates always having to be positive and happy, as I believe we have to experience sadness to appreciate the joy, but what tools and techniques can I suggest to help you stay in a positive state, even during some of the tough times?

As with all things I do, there is not a one-size-fits all approach to these things. Some need practise, some may not be for you and perhaps, like me, you choose a number of things to help.  Here are some starting points:

  1. Leave the situation.
    If possible, remove yourself from the negativity as soon as possible. If the conversation or situation turns negative, try and leave, even if it’s just excusing yourself for a short time.  If you can’t leave the whole situation, person or people try something more short-term, such as:
  2. Turn the situation or conversation around.
    If you realise a conversation is becoming increasing negative, or staying negative for too long, try and be the one to inject the positivity and turn the conversation around. If will help you, and the others in the situation. Sometimes, it just needs someone to change the tone.
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself if you get pulled down.
    Sometimes, you have to admit defeat and realise that no matter how hard you try to stay positive, you may find yourself pulled down into that negative state. My advice here is to be kind to yourself (more about that in a future blog).

As always, I am happy to help talk anything through, and perhaps help you with NLP or Hypnotherapy techniques to help yourself before you can start to help others.

Just make contact on 01889 808388 or 07803399594 or tracey@plumessencetherapies.co.uk

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