On 1st January, every year, I start a success jar. 
On 31st December, I meditate asking what I want for the following year. I write things that come to mind without question or taking any notice. When my head is cleared, I write with thought, stating what I would like to achieve in the year.
I put these in my jar, add crystals and (this year) some I-Ching coins. web domain list Every day, I try to remember to add a coin and state my affirmations and when I’ve had a particular good day, or done something that has really made me smile or appreciate, I add a note stating what that was.
On 31st December, I open the jar, count the money and read my notes and start all over again.
It’s a great way to remember the small, perhaps insignificant things, that made you smile but also a reminder of where the time went.
Why not give it a try and see how it works for you?

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