Once again, I am sat in a cafe awaiting a 1-2-1, which was scheduled for 10am. It is 10.22 as I start to write this and 10.33 as I finish.  The appointment was requested by a guy who called me twice before it was arranged, and yet he still hasn’t shown up (nor made communication to cancel).

I have been asked to write an article about ‘no-shows’ of both 1-2-1’s and of clients who have scheduled with me. I know this must be done.

I fear, though, that those who don’t show for appointments wont read it, or, if they do, they wont take note of the content.

I also know that the system I intend to implement from the beginning of January, will definitely go ahead. I am planning to write the letters to my clients tomorrow and I’m having a skype call with an on-line scheduling company later today.

In future, all appointments will be confirmed in an email and a text.

If my dentist and hairdresser can do it, then so can I.

One thought on “Time to confirm appointments – being respectful of other people’s time.”

  1. Hi Tracey no show appointments are the ultimate inconvenience I wish you the best of luck in changing attitudes but you are right these people will not read your comments Roger

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