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What blog ideas do you have for me?

Today, I have not treated any clients.

At the advice of one of my mentors, I took the day out to write blogs and newsletters and to have the confidence to publish more about my thoughts, ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences.

When I empower my clients to change their beliefs and to take on their world, I often progress to a ‘what if’ analysis.  I have had to do this myself with writing about the above and below.  Instead of thinking ‘what if people disagree with what I write’, I have altered my thinking to ‘what if people love what I write, fully engage with me and I help people’.

Now, that’s a better ‘what if’ isn’t it?


In essence, I had so many notes but not many full written articles. With so much to work with, I have decided to publish a number of inter-linked themes such as food for mood, benefits of my favourite aromatherapy oils, things to do with aromatherapy oils, what is and how to manage and reduce stress, depression, tension and anxiety, and how workplace stress can be reduced.  I would also like to post based on titles of Mindful Mondays, Tuesday Tips, Wellness Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, Feel good Fridays, Saturday Stretches and Stress-free Sundays.

What do you think?

Am I on the write path?

Please let me know by commenting below, or letting me know on Twitter @plumessence or Facebook PlumEssenceTherapies

Thank you

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